Path of Exile Talent Competition

Hey everyone,

Back with my 3rd and final submission for the contest! This took me quite a while to complete so I hope everyone enjoys it!

For this submission, I decided to showcase a lot of different talents at once!

To start, I composed an original cello arrangement based off of the main theme for Path of Exile. It was transcribed completely by ear and performed by an ensemble made of myself!

The next part that goes along with the music and performance is a custom trailer I made to show the entire journey we've been through so far with the "Fall of Oriath" storyline. This includes every league since 3.0 and more! (Clips from over 15+ of the original trailers, all edited to flow with the cello arrangement.) It starts from the beginning of the exile's adventures to Oriath and continues through every league and into the future with PoE 2.

(Lastly, the items in the background are models from the game or contain some references, so see if you can guess them all!)

Here's the link to the video!

If you want to view the trailer by itself without the performance cameras, there is a separate link in the description :)


(PS, I'm pretty shy and like cats so I thought I'd do my best at cosplaying the Celestial Cat Soulrend mtx :D )

Good luck to everyone!
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My entry to talent competition, made all by myself - Jacks in the Box :)
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Here's my entry for the Path of Exile Talent Competition: an Iron Commander.

The emblem on the front guard bears the symbols for sin and innocence. This single piece of steel (with opposing tempers for color) is a reminder that, depending on your perspective, these can be opposite sides of the same coin. Which will you choose?

This 3D model is based on the inventory icon for the Iron Commander and draws some inspiration from newer content and lore. The low poly model (shown below) is what I imagine we'd see if we could visit Wraeclast in first person.

I started this project on the second of this month and completed it earlier today. Standard high poly to low poly modeling workflow with a single 4k PBR texture. The low poly model is 25,480 triangles.

Additional images and technical information available on ArtStation.

Best of luck to everyone!
I made this gif. I planned on making a short about Tane storing organs, but was stuck in the asset production. This is what it became.

Exile009 wrote:
anything from fan art, videos, music, fan fiction, cosplay, baking, crafts, gifs, screenshots, comics, interpretive dance

I rather doubt any gifs are going to win, but I'd be interested if someone could prove me wrong. What kind of gif could possibly go up against that other stuff, I wonder?...

EDIT: Also, I don't think we've ever seen an interpretive dance win at one of these things. Someone feel like giving that a try? Should be interesting.

What do you think?

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Let me show you my Catarina cosplay
Of course I didn't start to craft/sew it after GGG initial post but I finally got some photos of it. So I hope my cosplay will pass the competition

And there are some progress photos

Photographer: DARIEN
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Here's my entry for the Path of Exile Talent Competition: The three grinding fragments.

Gives you the oportunity to get inside the Grinding room, a map where you have a chance to get two extra ascendancy points if you are able to defeat Draks, the oldest being in Wraeclast.

(Sorry for my pictoric skills)
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Witch and cat <3

Baby Sin & Baby Innocence 3D Models (modeled and textued from zero)
i hope that u like them
PS: i was about to make a good render but i don't have much time :(

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Here is my entry for talent competition. (It is kitava and it is made from snow)

More info

I didn't have much time to do anything cool for this talent competition, but I still wanted to make something.

The snowman is located few kilometers deep into forest, so it was quite challenge to build up enough snow for 2,5 meter tall snowman. I spent one weekend rolling snowballs and second weekend sculpting snow with small shovel and paint scraper.

I have to leave it as unfinished, since it is going to rain tomorrow which will melt away most of the thing. It was already +3°C today, which can be seen from "not snowy" trees in the background.

I got some fresh air and almost saw sun which was nice...
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Here's my entry for Talent Competition.
Based on Act 5 / 10 Boss Kitava , but modified abit based on a few references.
Sculpted in Zbrush , Compiled in Photoshop using some BPR renders from Zbrush.

And Here's a link to my artstation for more stuff.
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