[3.9] Deadeye Ice Shot Barrage Miner | Deep Delver | depth 4k reached | In depth delve guide

How delving looks like with this build

T15 A8 Redeemer (captured on stream)

Hey everyone! I am Remi, this build is actually not mine but i am writing this build guide to help out those who wanted to delve deep on this league.

This build primary focus on deep delving, it is a zhp build, meaning that this build does not scale any defenses at all, including life, energy shield and resistance. We only focus on getting as much damage as possible.

This is a delve exclusive guide, I won't go deep info with the build section, but I will go deep in how to delve in this guide, I would say it is still working in progress because we are yet to find the most effective method to deal with some of the nodes repeatedly.

About this build

This build is made by Mothraelite (a twitch streamer) on 3.8 When he attempts to make a build that does not rely on frost wall because we thought that GGG might change how frost wall works (but they did not), but since Ice Shot received buff on 3.9, so we would use this skill as our main clearing skill.

Our Single target will be barrage (not barrage support), barrage gives us a lot of projectiles, the dps tooltip (even on PoB) is a single projectile, you must manually multiply the amount of arrows that barrage fires and that will be your actual dps.

Note to everyone : This build is NOT suitable for depth that are lower than 1000 (1-999), due to the fact that there will still be some tank builds able to complete the delve without actually having risk of failure (still have some but lower than these builds).

Also if you are a new player to Path of Exile, this is NOT a build for you if you won't be able to generate about 30 exalted orbs worth of currency, this build is just very expensive and it is mainly used in delve only.

Build conclusion
Damage : 20/10 (one shot T15 Conquerors)
Survivablity : -10/10 (even barrels one shot you)
Budget : 20/10 (extremely high)
Difficulty : 7/10 (hard to learn)

You can watch either of our streams, Moth is more experienced in delving compared to me, he will be able to answer your questions more accurately and will have more knowledge on this build. Meanwhile I will be streaming myself learning this build, so on my stream I will note out the mistakes I made and will also able to guide you guys how to deep delve with this build.

Moth's stream : https://www.twitch.tv/mothraelite (reached 4k) (current rank 3 solo depth)
My stream : https://www.twitch.tv/remicaster1 (reached 1k)

What is a deep delve build? (why 1 hp)
Why only 1hp?

Low Life/Es because everything 1 shots you in these depths anyways (yes even 100k+ es). CI for Poison / Degen / Chaos immunity. - At some point you have to decide what to scale defence or DPS, and if you scale defence, you won't be able to scale offense at the same time.

Since everything one shot us, why not we just give up all our defenses and go for full in damage? So that's basically the concept of deep delve build

How do you survive burning ground / desecrated ground?
To deal with burning ground, we take the Pantheon "Soul of Abberath" which makes us unaffected by burning ground so we don't need to worry about the burning ground damaging us.

Meanwhile to deal with desecrated ground, we use CI (Chaos Inoculation) which makes us immune to any sort of chaos damage, including zombie chaos degen and desecrated ground.

How do you survive with 1hp?

So a lot of you guys would have the mindset "kill them before they kill you", but this is not actually very accurate to describe how we survive. The correct sentence, actually not that correct but more accurate, is have a bunch of speed so their animation will not catch up to you and kill you, basically juking all the monsters.

This can be easily explained when you do Twilight Strand, if you run across the map, you can notice the monsters did not hit you at all. Why is that? Because the monsters attack on your location that you have already walked past on, so instead of hitting you, they will hit nothing. This concept basically applies to deep delving, basically you have to scale more speed when you are delving deep.

You might have a question, what if monsters have onslaught or turbo (increase action speed)? So to deal with those, it is basically the same but you have to be faster and more careful on your pathing.

How to survive
First and foremost, you must have at least the quicksilver flask with speed on it, a bubonics and some more increase movement speed from either your brutals or the abyss jewels.

Either you are delving or mapping, try to have your smoke mine buff effect turned on all the time, then keep your flask on for all the time so you won't get rekted.

If you don't have the speed for it, you will get killed pretty often, do not stop moving at all times even it is in an arena.

I wanted to deep delve, but I have no idea where to start

A LOT of players asked like what they should do first on a deep delve build. My answer to that is delve to around 800 depth with your character first. Because this build is ineffective on depths below 800 (recommended depth is actually about 1000 depth). I will list out a few builds that will be able to guide you to the depths

1. Cold Snap Vortex Occultist / Trickster
2. Agony Crawler Jugg

Any tank builds will work as long as they have the damage.

Can this X build reach 800 depth?
Most builds will start falling off at 600 depth, you will need to look for defensive setups in your auras and gear.

These auras are pretty important
Purity of Ice
Flesh and Stone

When I was around 700 depth, I notice the things that kills me the most is the crystal fissure, that damage basically rip through my tank build. Also the cold ground degen actually starts to hurt a lot, once I picked up purity of ice, the damage I received is significantly lower.

Flesh and stone is pretty much rng, in delve what kills you is multiple hits under a second, so flesh and stone will prevent that from happening a lot. Physical damage in delve will start to be a problem after a bit, so you must use damage conversion like taste of hate flask to sustain your life / es.

You would also need to prioritize getting max resistance. Your resis is capped at 75%, you need to find a way to get your resis up to 80% cap. This will significantly reduce the damage taken.


What are mines and why mines?

This section is only recommended to people who does not have a slightest clue about mines, it is suggested to people that are new to mines to read this section.
What are mines

Introduction to mines
Mine is a support skill that turns a certain attack or spell skills by laying mines to activate. It has a self target AI for most of the skill and not a self cast skill, which reflect damage from monsters won't deal any harm to you because the source from the damage is the mine, not the player. Downside is you won't be able to life /mana leech monsters. On 3.8 Blight mines rework, mines are now a throw-able mine that reserve some percentage of your mana upon throwing. After it is detonated, it will remove the reserved mana after detonation, the more mines you placed the more mana it will reserve.

The mines mana reservation will not be fully removed when mines are detonated, they detonate the mines each by each and also removes the percentage reserved mana by each mine detonated. Until all the mines is detonated, the mana will return to its original state with no mana reservation from mines.

Each mines have a base duration, after a certain amount of seconds passed the mines will not be armed and will disappear.

Mines required a manual activation to detonate, some people might find it clunky because of how mines generally work. I don't find mines clunky but this is subjective, so this build is not suitable for all players on playstyle wise.

This section will explain why we will be using mines instead of self casting.
Why mines?

This is quite hard to explain, if you actually witness us streaming, you will get it why we use it, that will be the easiest way to understand about why we are using mines.

I will still attempt to explain why. So when you are using self cast, you will only hit the monsters in front of you, you will not able to use certain angles because your skill will not be able to hit monsters.

Mines have an auto target AI, so we will be able to hit mobs with our mines when we are hiding behind a wall to kill them.


Video / Clips
White bow on 1950 depth+ - https://clips.twitch.tv/PolishedSmoggyHerdFreakinStinkin
T16 Metamorph 1 shot (no watchers)


Is this build for you?
This build is very hard to learn with, I am a newbie delver myself and I do find many learning curves with this build. I would say I suggest this build to people that are trying to deep delve past about 700 to 10000. If you are not interested in deep delving, I would not suggest this build to you.

I found deep delving pretty fun because it felt like a whole new game, there is a lot to learn on deep delving, especially positioning is the key of surviving, if you really want to learn the basic mechanics of delve, myself I would say this build is okay, but it is just not easy to learn with. You can try builds like Tornado Shot or Scourge Arrow to learn deep delve with, because Raider is a handicap Ascendancy.

Why raider is a handicap Ascendancy? Because Raider is able to stack a bunch of dodge while deadeye won't be able to. So Raider will have more room to make mistakes with while deadeye won't, a single mistake will be pretty much dead.

My Character (More budget ish) - https://pastebin.com/DYXjG3nm
Moth's Character (Contains mirror tier items) - https://pastebin.com/gneTujMe

I will give you guys a more detailed PoB when i got the time to make one. For now use PoB because I haven't done the passive tree and ascendancy part.

On gearing, Most of them are very expensive items, I will try to cover those items that you can keep in budget as much as possible. Build cost an average of 30ex (including 6l items, exluding gems)

Below you can find some items that are listed as "Priority", means you will want to prioritize getting these items as fast as possible because their prices might increase soon, and you will prob use that item pretty long and won't be swapping for a better one soon.


This is the bow I am currently using, dex stacking double pen shaped thicket bow.

It is not the best bow on this game, but this bow will be able to carry me to at least 2k depth.

*Note : Do not use these dex stack bows unless you have a good brutal restraint. Death Opus is actually surpass the damage output of this bow when I have lower than 750 total dex.

To craft this bow, I spammed Frigid, Serrated and Prismatic Fossil, I got the dex stack stats and single penetration. After that I multi modded this bow, crafting another Penetration and base crit. The stun duration is failed slam so don't worry about that.

Prioritize these stats
Dex stack
Double damage
Crit chance
Flat Phys
Crit multi

- note : Only get %phys if you got flat phys, or else just go with penetration.

This bow total worth is about 11ex, 5ex for the 6l shaped thicket bow, 2ex multi mod, 2ex prefix block, 1ex for the pen craft, 1ex for the amount of fossils used (depends on your luck, you might use more than this amount to get the right one.)

Budget Option

Believe or not, this bow is actually better than my rare bow if I don't have a good brutal restraint. If you are in a budget ish situation, just get this bow and it will be able to keep you until about 1.8k to 2k. If you can't spend about 11ex on a bow, just get this bow, it is very good.

Extra note : If you able to get a mirror tier bow yourself, you will know what to look for, you won't need my guide anymore if you manage to get a mirror by yourself Kapp.

My current quiver

This quiver is the cheapest option if you don't have enough currency to invest in. This quiver gives us the attributes we need and the dex stack also helps us a lot. Make sure it is Hyrri's Demise, not Hyrri's Bite. To get Hyrri's Demise, you will need a Fated Prophecy to upgrade it.

Hyrri's Demise cost me about 40c on the time I bought it, for corruption, look for chain.

If you have more currency to spend on this build, you can look for a rare quiver like this

prioritize these stats
+1 Arrow
Crit multi

Prioritize +1 arrow over the others, this mod can be found in warlord's and shaper's quiver.


This is the one and only helmet for us.

This item the best, no other helmet in this game will be able to compete with the amount of dex and damage it gives.

For helmet enchant, look for
Barrage fires an additional proj
Ice shot angle

Prioritize barrage because barrage is our source of single target.

Ice shot angles enchantment makes the ice shot far more likey to overlap, which can result in extreme dps in packs.

Chest piece
This is the best option for us

Hyrri's gives us a lot of flat cold, dex and dodge. It is pretty much Jack of all trades for our build. Prioritize the flat damage then the dex.

You might wonder about the explody chest, explody chest won't be able to compete with Hyrri's on both defensive and damage wise, because we usually have trouble against tanky mobs only. Also Hyrri's gives us a lot more damage compare to those generic Explody chest, so the best is to stick with this chest piece.

For rolls, prioritize high rolled inc cold damage and dexterity. Evasion rating does not matter.

This cost me 6ex (including 6 link)

Non dex stack and budget option :

Actually this gloves is way better than shadow and dust for the first 1.8k depth. Look for crit corruption on this glove, the damage this glove gives is insane.

After 1.8k depth, look for

This is the gloves when oskarm curse falls off.
For the curse on hit it is not mandatory, but I think getting temp chains is way better because it will able to buy some time for us to reposition and get us out from sticky situations.

I highly recommend to use this glove with a crit corruption on it.

If you have a ton of currency to burn on, use a rare hunter influenced gloves with
% dex
+ Dex
+1 frenzy
Phys conver to cold
% chance to Intimidate on hit


(Look for 1 socket bubonics, it will actually be better)
Bubonics gives us the speed we need and additional abyss socket for more damage, pretty much about it. It is basically the best boots for us to actually put more damage in.

Tailwind boots pretty much does nothing to us so don't ever try to use that boots. (don't be like the korean RMT guy Kapp)


My current belt

Prioritize elemental damage and Str, make sure you have a high rolled Str or else your Str won't be able to cap over the Int for the 15% Inc dex on the Fractal Thoughts.

Elemental dmg and Cold dmg together in these belt are very expensive, so just look for either one of them first.

Prioritize these stats
%Inc elemental damage
+ Str
Inc ele dmg
Inc cold dmg
Ele dmg with attacks
Dmg against chilled enemies

If you have a headhunter, use it, the dex and str it gives is very useful.

These are the budget rings

Note : You must have increased cold dmg and increased buff effect

They are costly, but they are the only budget rings you can have. If you want a better ring, look for mirror tier precursors.

Buff effect basically adds flat added cold, if you have a maxed rolled and a decent increase, use them. But Prioritize inc cold dmg. Price also depends on the implicit of the rings.

For implicit, look for increased elemental damage if you have more currency to invest in. If you have like an mirror amount of currency to waste on, you can look for curse on hit rings.

Use Turbulent catalyst, they will increase the %dmg while affected by Herald of Ice.


Budget amulet

This is like the next tier budget amulet, but you have the rough idea what to look for.

For a better amulet, look for
+ Dex
Inc dmg per 15 dex
+ All attributes
% ele dmg with attacks
% Crit multi

Before you have a really good dex stack gears like good dex stack bow, good brutal restraint etc, prioritize crit multi on your amulet.

For anointment, look for divine judgement, they are pretty cheap, cost about 10c and very effective.


This is my current flask setup for normal nodes


Mandatory Flasks

Quartz Flask :
This flask is very important, phasing allows you to walk past monsters without them blocking you, they are the most important flask in delving when moving to a node because when a monster blocked you, you will slowed down, unable to path through faster, usually resulting in a death.

Quicksilver Flask
This flask is also very important, make sure you have the suffix "of Adrenaline". This suffix is a must because your move speed must exceed their cast / attack speed or else you won't be able to survive speed nodes like Onslaught and Turbo.

Optional Flask

These flask is just to increase your damage, you can use a bottled faith but they are quite expensive. On boss fight you must drop Quartz flask for a damage flask.

If you don't have a clarity recover watchers, I recommend you to get

This flask is very important, you must drop cinderswallow flask for the mana flask if you don't have the clarity watchers.

Make sure you have prefix "of enduring", this drastically increases your mana sustain.


Rare Jewels

Look for these stats
Mine damage
Cold damage
Crit chance
Crit multi

*Side note* - if you don't have enough money to invest in a Efficient Training (like me), look for

Must be the highest reduce Int, and then look for high rolled strength on belt and amulet.

Note : if you don't have Efficient Training (like me), look for Strength stats in the jewels.

Watcher's Eye

For Clarity "Chance to recover 10% mana when you have used a skill recently"
For Hatred, look for either of these, based on priority order too
"Hatred penetrate cold resistance"
"Hatred increase crit chance"

Other rolls are not mandatory, there is no need for a third watcher's stats

Brutal Restraint

This is the most important part of the build. Make sure that you have
2 of the 5% increase Dexterity. That is the most important stats you need

Place your brutals on here

For Brutals, here are some of the helpful stats.
5% Increase Dexterity (2)
+20 Dex (any, if not present it's fine)
5% To movement speed (any, if not present it's fine)

The type of brutals does not matter, as long as you get at least 10% dex on it then it's fine. I rolled 40 divines on this jewel to get the one that I can use, so don't give up on divining your brutals :>

If you want to purchase a 10% dex brutals, I recommend you to check on the forum trading side or any streamers that are trying to sell it, as long as they are able to prove the jewel have those 10% dex increase (recommend in a video because it is hard to scam on a video). This is to avoid being scammed, because these jewels with these kind of stats usually cost about 4-10ex, depends on the other stats the brutals gives.


Gem Links

Main Link

Ice Shot (Clear)

Barrage (Boss)

If you don't have 3 blue, replace Ele focus with trap and mine damage, I suggest you use 2-3 white socket vorici craft for the colors.

We don't use damage on full life just because of the mana multiplier, you will be able to place more mines = more damage.


Aura setup

If possible get enlighten lvl 4, it helps a lot. Socket your clarity on your gloves, also make sure clarity is on lvl 1.


Flame dash is instant dash, so it covers the slight delay for smoke mine. Smoke mine is for the speed, make sure you have the smoke mine speed buff on when you are proceeding a node.


Vaal skellies is very important, make sure you have both single pack cast and the vaal cast. Skeletons have 2 jobs
1. Lure the monsters (monster aggro)
Skellies is able to lure nearby monsters to them, enabling you to chain your ice shot to mobs that you knocked too far away.
2. Body block
Skellies also able to block projectiles and damage, they act as a body guard tool too, but they won't be blocking any AoE skills.


Frost wall is also another skill that blocks projectiles and melee monsters from reaching you, they are pretty helpful on some situations.


This one is used when you are fighting a boss like Aul. They are just used to penetrate the cold resistance.


Only use this on mapping so we don't need to perform the walk of shame.


Passive Tree / Ascendancy

I highly recommend you level with another build then transition into this build, so I will not cover the leveling part of the tree. Also I will not go in depth for trees because it is pretty much straight forward.

Tree looks something like this
lvl 90

Final Tree
lvl 99

Note : If you have Efficient Training, place your Efficient Training at here

Part of your tree is also based on what your brutal restraint gives you, so because I have a 5% Inc Dex at the Blast Waves (Mine damage and area effect, near Acrobatics Keystone and King of the Hill Notable). Even so your tree won't be very different compare to ours.

For Ascendancy, there are only 4 nodes which are actually useful for us, others does give some damaging stats but not as useful as these gives.

We prioritize Ricochet and Endless Munitions more than any other, we will need the chain for our iceshot so we are able to chain our damage to the node bosses without actually fighting them face to face. An additional Proj from the Endless Munitions is pretty helpful, increasing both our clear and damage.

Due to that, we will not be using any other ascendancy and will not use the other nodes because Tailwind is the only node left that is useful compared to the other three available ascendancy nodes.


Major Soul
Lunaris gives us movement speed, and phys reduction, but we just need the speed, phys reduction does nothing.
Prioritize upgrading the "avoid projectiles have been chained", that one is massive, because that would save us from nodes that have chain, mobs will be able to chain their skills from our skellies to us.

Major Soul
As stated on above, we use abberath just because burning ground will not affect us by a single bit.


Kill all

We don't go Alira because Alira actually gives us resistance, which does not benefit us. Also in the long term, +2 passive points is way superior than crit multi and mana regen.

Also we are tight in passive points so +2 is very helpful for us.



I won't be very in depth in leveling because most of you should have at least some knowledge on leveling a character to level 85++.

There are multiple ways to level to this character, what you need to do is at least use that build, level to about lvl 94 (highly recommended), then transition into this build.

Builds that you can use to level
Toxic Rain PF
Explosive Arrow PF
Frost Blades Raider

I do not recommend bow characters that rely on the bow a lot (like ice shot deadeye) because you'd need to invest quite an amount and they are squishy. You just need a tanky build to get the level you need and transition.

To transition ascendancy, you will need at least 40 regrets (if you are not deadeye) to reset ascendancy. Refund all of the ascendancy skills, then go into the first lab. Complete the lab, then when you press the Ascendancy Altar, it will have a button at the bottom of the ascendancy icon and it's named "Change". You will get a message if you enter the Aspirant's Plaza saying something like "your character have no ascendancy allocated" etc etc, don't worry about it, it is just a message to players who play in standard.

You might use up to 100+ regrets, depending what build you use and your pathing.

If you want to level faster, i recommend you to join any exp rota at 820. DO NOT JOIN any leeching, it is just a waste of your time. Here are a few rotas you can do
Pure Chayula rota
Poorjoy rota
Acton rota
Coward's Trial rota

rotas are the best, they cost a little but the return is a lot. But make sure you are on the same server with the host or close to it if you are doing a bunch of them (for example 5 per person) or else it will be a nightmare.

Important information
Helpful infos

Before you start playing, you must change your keybindings to the ones you find the most comfortable playing with. Here are the things you need to press almost all the time, and my keybindings for it (ofc your keybindings won't be the same as mine but you have a rough idea for my setup)

Main Skill and Boss skill (both barrage and ice shot) (Mouse 2 and Mouse 5)
Detonate mines (E)
5 flask (default setup, 12345)
flare (6)
flame dash (Q)
Smoke mine (W)
frost wall (R)
dynamite (spacebar)
skellies (ctrl + W)
vaal skellies (T)
(total of 15 keys)

make sure you can change from ice shot to barrage pretty quickly and able to dynamite at the same time and also you don't find it clunky or uncomfortable when you are swapping.

Again, make sure you change your keybindings to the most comfortable one, it is very important for you in some sticky situations and you might need all of the 15 keys activate at once, it will also affect the gameplay by a lot.


How to run to node properly

When you start the node, make sure to smoke mine then activate the cart. When the cart starts going, piano all 5 flask. You must balancing your killings and running, as in the GIF on top I kinda kill a bit too much.

When you are running
- Straight line
Hug the wall as much as possible, don't run at the middle between the walls, this will increase the risk of you getting hit.

- Turning
When you are going to turn, you need to cut straight into the opposite wall, this is to prevent monsters hitting you. Because when you hug the same wall when you turn, monsters are targetting the same wall, so this will increases your risk getting hit by a lot.

Node mods
Proceed and approach base on the mods

Delve have different mods compared to maps. In delve you will never get mods like no regen, no leech, reflect etc.

You are highly suggested to read the map mods and proceed accordingly with the map mods. Here are a list of mods, and the difficulty of them
S - Hard
A - Moderate hard
B - Moderate easy
C - Easy

Tank Mods
- Monsters increase life (B)
- Physical reduction (C)
- Reduce damage from crit (B)
- Monsters avoid ailments (A)
- Monster have elemental and chaos resistance (B)

On tank wise
*If there are 2 B Tier mods at present at the same time, they will become A-Tier
*If there is avoid ailments with any other mods, it will become A+ Tier.
*If there is any 3 of the mods presence, they will become S tier.

Speed Mods
- Monsters increase speed (3 stats, action, attack and cast speed) (A)
- Onslaught (B)
- Monsters action cannot be reduce below base speed (no chill) (A)

On speed wise
*If there is any speed mods together, they automatically becomes S tier

the reason why speed mods are hard is because you are relying on juking them, as long as their speed won't catch up yours, you survive. If there is double speed, this makes juking them way harder, and you must maintain the speed as much as possible so they will not catch up. A single mistake like reading wrong layout will easily kill you, while no speed nodes you still might survive.

City nodes with double speed are the hardest, because most monsters in city nodes are ranged and have a lot of range and speed by default. Avoid getting through any city nodes with speed if possible.

Misc Mods
- Nemesis
- Bloodlines
- Beyond

- Be careful of these 3 mods
Lightning strike
Elemental Thorns

These 3 mods usually kills you a lot if you are not careful. If Nemesis is present on a node, you must stay away from the spawning area as far as possible but still in range to damage them. Just don't stay too close towards the nodes. Below there is a list of positions you can use, if there is a (no nemesis) on it, means that spot cannot be used if there is nemesis mod present.

Also, if the harbinger node have nemesis mod present, that will be a S tier node, avoid that if possible.


- Be careful of these mods
Order of the sky (ice storm)
Union of soul (fking tanky mobs)
Heralds of the Obelisk (lightning totems, if they use lightning warp on you, you're done)

Bloodlines are not as dangerous as Nemesis, but you still need to be careful of those mods too.

For beyond, as long as you stay a distance between yourself and the node, they will not interfere you much, including beyond bosses. For beyond bosses your greatest enemy is Ephij (The one that cast lightning strike totems). The lightning strike totems is extremely dangerous, if you saw that guy coming to your location, you must literally fall back and try to offsceen kill him asap or else he will easily 1 shot you.

I might have missed some mods, if you do noticed it please notify me.

I cast remi
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Delve Positions (on node)

All these spots ive posted below should work for auto targeted mine skills, ice shot just happens to be S tier for off screen when angled so i went with that.

the goal was to play without frost wall and lacking damage. turns out i dont lack damage 'really' outside of big boy fractured fossils with tank stuff
you dont need to chill / freeze things with this play style.

Note: azurite 3s you need to time vaal skeles early so you dont have to move. if done right you dont ever have to worry about a single boss ability. if you mess up you have to run into the node and find him.

if you aggro boss with skeles and perma knock back from safety theres 0 issue even with lack of damage.

Frost biome

Azurite 1/2 - Layout 1


Azurite 3


Azurite 1/2 - Layout 2


Frigid Recess


Restless Rubbles


Harbinger node


Petrified Forest

Azurite 1 - Layout 1


Azurite 3


Nesting ground (no nemesis only)


Grim Copse


Dusty Grove


Growiling Grove


Pulsating Grotto


Sulphure Vents

Restless rubble


Harbinger (with nemesis)


Humid Hive


Azurite 2 (change depending on visibility)


Azurite 3


Fungal Caverns

Azurite 1


Azurite 2


Grim Copse


Magma Fissure

Azurite 1 - Layout 1


Azurite 2 - Layout 1


Pulsating Grotto


Abyssal Depths

Azurite 1 - Layout 1


Azurite 1 - Layout 2


Haunted Remains


Crystal Spire (Hollow Fossil drop)



Delve tips - note these things

1. Skellys behavior
This may seem dumb but skeletons behavior matters a lot. There will be a total of 3 behaviors total and you must act accordingly to their behavior.

- Running into the node (good sign)
This is a good sign because this shows that there are monsters in range and they are luring the monsters towards them, allowing you to chain your ice shot to other nearby monsters.

- Afking / not chasing (depends)
This is a bad sign, so if they basically just stands there and do nothing and the node isn't completed yet, this means that they are not aggro-ing any monsters toward them, you have to go check it by yourself just to find the monster (usually a node boss / exile), basically showing your face to the node, increasing the risk of dying.

It is recommended that you slowly extend yourself, spam frost wall as much as possible and then summon normal skellies to aggro, until your skellies starting to chase something, you must back off a little because sometimes the monsters might immediately jump in front of your face and using abilities that will kill you.

This could also hint you a good sign if you use skellies in the darkness and they just stand still, means that there will no monsters in the darkness will be able to backstab you, make sure the skellies are far enough in the darkness, if they aren't even in the darkness this doesn't help anything.

- Running into darkness (bad sign)
This is the worst sign that the skellies can give you. What this means is that they are chasing a monster in the darkness, this gives you the hint that there will be monsters able to backstab you. You have to immediately flare to that direction and kill the monsters first before killing the node. Make sure you'd also frost wall, blocking the monsters from node approaching to you.

2. more will come up soon :>
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update 1 : added gem links
update 2 : updated jewels and some information on gears
update 3 : changed some information on "Why zhp", added passive tree and ascendancy.
update 4 : added leveling and some delve information. Changed and added some information on the top (introduction).
update 5 : added some tips on the leveling section
update 6 : added gif
update 7 : changed some info on helmet enchant, gloves and amulet.
update 8 : typos only
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Hi, I'm very interested in this build. I have a necro to do all other content, and wanted to try to go deep. I'm at 500 with my necro, but he will hit a wall at some point. I levelled a raider to try scourge arrow, but couldn't get the mechanic right and didn't enjoy it. It seems like you sprint to the node dropping mines and ex
ploding them. Then you seem to hide at the node and kill things from safety. If so, I think I can handle that. I have a lot of the pieces needed already. Please update gems and a passive if you can. Thanks!
first thanks for the guide. It helps me to get started, now I have to learn how to walk - place mine - detonate, without standing still. So far its hard to get in rhythm for me.

But Did my first nodes today, after running blood aqueduct over and over again to learn, find the right keybindings and so on.

This playstyle is much different from the stuff I am used to do, great and fun to learn. Your guide has been the opener to a new world, at least for me.
Thajin wrote:
first thanks for the guide. It helps me to get started, now I have to learn how to walk - place mine - detonate, without standing still. So far its hard to get in rhythm for me.

But Did my first nodes today, after running blood aqueduct over and over again to learn, find the right keybindings and so on.

This playstyle is much different from the stuff I am used to do, great and fun to learn. Your guide has been the opener to a new world, at least for me.

Glad you find the guide useful :)

Yeah, keybindings are very important, if you felt that certain keybind is the smoothest, just go with that.

I totally forgot about practicing on BA, I think that really works because they layout is pretty much delve like but without turning etc. I will soon update the guide on the playstyle of this build.
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I once saw a video where Niko delved down, very deep so the central straight line went down deep, my one stopped very early. Is it possible to make Niko go deeper?
Nope it is not possible. Niko will help you dig down when you are in acts. So when you completed all 10 acts, he will stop, and it is usually fixed to about 60 depth.
I cast remi
how do u deal with living azurite teleporting on u?

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