[3.12] Deadeye Ice Shot Barrage Miner | Deep Delver | depth 6k reached | In depth delve guide

Still viable after the Nerf-to-the-ground-everything-that-used-a-portal-the-last-5-months-on-servers-build 3.13 sweet update?
You thing I khare, but I realy dond.
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Can you look my char pls waht i do wrong?
I run a gear to practice now 30 times and never get to always kills me at what is the am running and do not stand still gegener kill I also but just fall over all the time.
Is something fundamentally wrong in my build?
Is there any spell-based deep delve build? something like Spark Inquisitor (potentially great DPS with 2 Badge of the brotherhood rings and capped crit chance)?
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i'm noticing some inconsistencies in the build guide vs some of the text.

some questions:

1 build still viable ? if not then no point in asking questions
2 if the build is still viable, are there any updates planned ?

I do have specific questions, i'm actually playing the build right now, just getting it leveled. it's my first miner build and i'm actually having a lot of fun with it.

i made it based on the fact that it might not actually be a good delver anymore, i figure an ice shot based deadeye is going to be a strong build regardless.

however if there is still hope for it being a good delver, i'd like to know what my long term plan should be for gear and gem links. i'm not going to get anywhere close to finishing it this league, but league's are good for getting items before you get back to standard where they are so much more expensive.
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The PoB is updated for 3.13 - so you should see what to look out for. The build is still viable (if not one of the best) deep delve builds.
kali_h wrote:
The PoB is updated for 3.13 - so you should see what to look out for. The build is still viable (if not one of the best) deep delve builds.

certainly this thread is on life support, lol.

yeah- i'm having fun with it as an "introduction" to zhp deep delving. i'm also looking at the icicle mine build. the strategy is still the same, freeze/chill things. there's a lot of similarities between the builds, and i have to admit using icicle mines for a, you know, mine build seems appropriate :-) but as i said before the nice thing about ice shot is that ice shot on it's own is a strong build so i can ping pong between bow/mine. i was going to just level this as a bow build, but i'm using mines and it's working fine.

running maps with the build is teaching me about what to watch for to survive on very little life. i only have 2k life and i'm pushing through t9s and it's going pretty well and i'm still using really cheap gear. it's absolutely amazing how much stuff in this game off-screens you. some of the legion bosses will flicker strike you from off screen. lol.

not even going to bother with delve until i have 20/20 gems and a few of the other trinkets.

thanks for your comment.

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