[3.10] Cyclone Impale | Champion | Huge DPS | Huge Tankiness

Leagues changes


Nothing changed, build still OP.
Cluster jewel even make this build more polyvalent by balancing tankiness and DPS (Impale node)

Current Delirium Character
Currently none as I didn't need a bosskiller
Will play it later

Pros and Cons

+ Can handle almost all mapmods except for reflect physical
+ EXCELLENT Boss killer
+ Capable to do all endgame content (Sirus A8, Uber Elder, Uber Atziri)
+ Perma fortify
+ Impale mechanic
+ 7k Life
+ Chaos, elemental and physical reduction capped
+ Cannot be frozen
+ Easy leveling
+ No gemswap
+ Can be a leaguestarter

- Lack of AoE
- May look slow
- Can't do reflect physical

Al-Hezmin A8 T15 Clear map + Boss kill:


Build mechanics


Facebreaker is a pair of unique gloves, which grants a huge boost to physical damage of unarmed attacks. That means we won't use any weapon but only a shield.

As it give up to 800% MORE Physical Damage with Unarmed Attacks, it scales up A LOT with flat Phyiscal Damage to Attacks (Amulet, Master of Metal, Herald of Purity, Circle of Guilt)


Impale is a "new" mechanic from Betrayal, which applies a debuff dealing additional physical damage to the affected target each time it is hit.

Without any change, Impale lasts 5 hits. But with the Master of Metal ascendecy, Impale lasts 7 hits.
If we've impaled an ennemy recently, we gain +1000 to Armor and 6 to 12 added Physical Damage for each impale on Enemy

And knowking Facebreaker ability to give 800% MORE damage, it scales up A LOT.


Thanks to the Fortitude ascendency, we are perma fortify, which scale with the previous Unstoppable Hero, we have 10% Attack speed, +1000 to Armor and Evasion Rating, 30% increased Attack Damage and Stun Immunity


75% Chaos Resistance
77%/76%/76% Maximum Elemental Resistance
90% Physical Damage Reduction
41% Chance to block attack damage
Around 30% Chance to Evade Attacks
10% Chance to Dodge Attack/Spells while Forbidden Taste is active


Current build:

Gear explanation



Don't use Abyssus, it will break your tankiness. Use a rare helmet, with maximum life, elemental resistances and chaos resistances.

Stats to look for:
+ Maximum Life
+ Elemental Resistances
+ Chaos Resistance
+ Armor

Possible enchants:
* Cyclone Attack Speed
* Cyclone Damage
* Herald of Purity has #% reduced Mana Reservation
* Blood and Sand has #% increased Buff Effect
* Dread Banner has #% increased Aura Effect

PoE Trade Link here

Body Armor:


PoE Trade Link here

Clearly the BiS armor. Offers a lot of tankiness and it's cheap.

Other choice:

Rare armor, negates the mana cost of Cyclone, which is a pretty good QoL upgrades, a bit less life, free the mana flask slot for a damage one.

Carcass Jack offers increased AoE, AoE Damage, but less tankiness than Belly of the Best
Loreweave Flat physical, life, max resist, all attributes. It's a good polyvalent armor.
Tabula Rasa Budget option to get a 6L. Switch to a proper armor when you have a 5L Belly of the Best or other armor.



Facebreaker are mandatory. Just buy the highest "#% more Physical Damage with Unarmed Attacks" you can afford.
If you want to min-max this build, use "Curse Enemies with Level # Vulnerability on Hit" corruption.

PoE Trade Link here
MinMax version here



Use a rare belt, with maximum life, elemental resistances and chaos resistances.
About the implicit, either look for:
* +# to maximum Life
* #% increased Global Physical Damage
* Has 1 Abyssal Socket + jewel

PoE Trade Link here



Use rares boots, with maximum life, movement speed, elemental resistances and chaos resistances.

PoE Trade Link here



Use a Vix Lunaris shield. It gives us Freeze immunity, cold damage shield, armor, maximum life, level of socketed gem for our Herald of Purity.

If you wish to buy a corrupted one, pick either +1 Level of Socketed Gems or +2 Level of Socketed Duration Gems. It can brings your Herald of Purity to level 30!

PoE Trade Link here
MinMax version here



Use a rare amulet with maximum life, elemental resistances, chaos resistances, flat physical damage to attacks, attributes (Dexterity and Intelligence to equip gems)

Allocate Master of Force (Black Oil x2 + Opalescent Oil)

PoE Trade Link here



Circle of Guilt are the BiS rings. All attributes, flat physical damage to attacks, physical damage reduction, Herald of Purity buff effect (Flat physical again)

Implicits to look for:
* Elemental resistance
* Chaos resistance
* Maximum life
* Global physical damage

PoE Trade Link here



Forbidden Taste will be our panic flask. Instant life recovery. Don't quality it as the chaos debuff will last longer. Chaos damage will be negligeable with our chaos resistance.

Our second flask is Lion's Roar is a DPS flask, which grants us up to 25% more damage.

Our third one is an Onslaught one, with "#% increased attack speed during flask effect" and "#% reduced charges used" so you can use it 2 times before running out of flask.

The movement speed flask is a basic Quicksilver Flask with "#% increased movement speed during flask effect" and "25% increased effect/33% reduced duration"

Last flask is up to you. I like to use a mana flask for QoL, because we don't cancel Cyclone mana cost and we can run out of mana. Use a mana flask with "Flask effect is not removed at full mana" and "Immune to Curses during Flask effect/Removes Curses on use".

Use a Sulphur Flask with "Immune to Curses during Flask effect/Removes Curses on use" and 'Maximum Charges" if you play with a "Socketed attacks have -15 to total mana cost" armor.

PoE Trade links:
* Forbidden Taste
* Lion's Roar
* Onslaught flask
* Movement speed flask
* Mana flask

* Sulphur Flask



Use jewels to finish capping your elemental/chaos resistances, get "#% increased maximum Life", get "#% Attack Speed/#% Attack Speed while holding a shield".
N.B: If you don't use mana flask, put 1 or 2 jewels with "#% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Mana"
N.B n°2: Consider using a Corrupted Blood corruption



Herald of Purity - Blood and Sand - Empower

Herald of Purity will boost our damage up to the moon.

Body Armor:

Cyclone - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Impale - Infused Channeling - Concentrated Effect/Increased Area of Effect

Cyclone will be our main damage attack. Boost its damages at much as possible. Use Impale to benefit from Impale nodes of the tree and Ascendency. Either use Concentrated Effect to get more damage or Increased Area of Effect to get more AoE

Other links:

Flesh and Stone - Maim - Dread Banner - Molten Shell

Flesh and Stone permitts to Maim nearby ennemies, so it can boost our damages.
Dread banner will boost our Impale chance up to 99%/100%, while boosting Impale effect too.
Molten Shell will make us tank some damages.

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Blood Magic

Shield Charge is the main skill to move around map. We use Blood Magic, as our mana is quite low.
Vaal Ancestral Warchief is a MORE damage boost, use it just before attacking a boss, metamorph, or other. Only use the Vaal Ancestral Warchief, not the Ancestral Warchief

Blood Rage - Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Portal

Activate Blood Rage, it generates Frenzy charges, and boost our attack speed. We mitigate the damage easily. Use Flame Dash to cross some gaps, where Shield Charge can't.
Portal is a good QoL gem. Use it, there is a free slot here.


Kill them all and get 2 passives points.

Ascendency Order

Unstoppable Hero > Fortitude > Master of Metal > First to Strike, Last to Fall

N.B: After picking Unstoppable Hero, link Fortify Support to your Cyclone, and drop it after getting Fortitude.

Passive tree

Path of building


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I'm going to test your build.
Somes T1, T4, T6 and T8 return with my investisment ;)
Thx for share ;)
Can you make a video? Just am curious about the clear speed.
I don't think so, but i'm going to test this build with about 10c for low tier map, then 50c.
Atm, act 04 !
Can you make a video? Just am curious about the clear speed.

Uploading a video right now
Thanks for the build, interested in playing, very tight, albeit slow. What do you think about using "The Unshattered Will"?
So when is the preferred time to switch over to the Facebreaker gloves? What about lvling gear like shields and such to use while lvling? Is it ideal when lvling to just use weapons til a certain point then switch over once you have a few ascendancies?
How do you level this build?
humbridade wrote:
How do you level this build?

Level with any melee skill to 16, then buy a low increased facebreaker for around 1 alch or alteration. From there no weapon needed, just a shield (or similar off hand), and cyclone. Easy leveling.

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