3.9.1c Patch Notes (restartless)

I like Synthesis. Deal with it.

When will you fix memory leak and fps drops to be able to play normally ???

I was forced to restart my game every 30 min while playing regular content, blighted maps were literally unplayable. But back in blight league I could do them. Something so controversial from previos league was srewed up even further and there's still no fix almost a month in.
Well! Good thing I read this before doing a bunch of Syndicate maps!

Guess I'll test things out with a crappy white map Syndicate mission before doing anything of much importance.
Please fix poor performance for Whispering Ice with Spell Cascade / Awakened Spell Cascade. Getting 20-30++ fps is not fun.
I am still crashing when I free Generals. This game is bad ass
When can I complete my watchstones....

I don't see it on the Known issues but is GGG aware of Conquerors not spawning at all in some regions (different from player to player)
Can't get my last watchstone........
any news on the win 7 memory leak?
I dont believe yoy GGG. Your actions do not confirm your words.
Just moment ago, Alva misssion crash client and deleted maps.
So, another path destroing maps.

And Metaporph on maps is generally boring as hell.
I'm supprised couse it work on earlly game, still on maps this parachute stalker (Tane) is more annoying, especially when bloking exits or character movements when it can cost life.

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