3.9.1c Patch Notes (restartless)

iMayhem123 wrote:
still cant get my last citadel to respawn it went away on the atlas and wont come back?? any ideas

Yea... zoom in, it is hidden behind on of the things on your screen. I had this issue too, well thought out that they hide the citadels behind things.
I havent played on this new patch yet, I am kind of tilted from the Sirus arena. So my play time has vastly dwindled. It takes too long to spawn him, and I am I dunno, getting kind of bored. Happens even league, that is the REAL issue with PoE. I really felt with this new atlas, it would change that feeling, but the entire Sirus spawning and arena is just pure aids.

And then GGG releases one of THESE patches, that completely break the game for some people, and drive thousands of more players to quit the league, which further kills the league. Its a rough cycle man, a rough rough cycle.
IHellBoundI wrote:
Prapic wrote:
memory leakers, be glad they're even willing to fix it. If it was up to me, with Win7 EOL, the game would be no longer supported there.

Be glad that someone is paying ur bills. If it was up to me u will be in school to learn proper manners. Sight kids.

Stop using XP grandpa, times moved.
Wind 10 here, memmory leak to so dont talk pls.
Guys, i only see 1 solution... we need to get a high end computer, top streamers don't have this memory leak problem, Mathil, Zyz, DatModz, Empyrian, CuteDog, Quin69 and many others, they play with very good graphics and their game don't crash at all.. but i prefer to just quit the game instead of invest 3k in pieces for my computer.. *in brazil a core i7 costs R$ 2.200, that's like 2 months of work for the average people here, while people buy that with dollars for 4x less than us. But it's not anyone problem, just saying because ppl say "it's cheap, stop crying and upgrade.. it's not." If you already have a good computer, i don't know what to say, good luck to you all and peace. sorry for my bad english btw, i'm brazilian and don't know how to speak english properly.
You dont have to have good pc to play this game. I have ancient PC and i don't have any problems with it. I get one disconnection every 2-3 days and thats it.

Did you try to close every application (AV,browser included), addon/s,filter etc. and see if this is still happening. Cause memory leeks cant just happened to certain people, memory leeks happens because of bad coding and if would happened to everyone.
Prapic wrote:
memory leakers, be glad they're even willing to fix it. If it was up to me, with Win7 EOL, the game would be no longer supported there.

Except for the fact that it's not limited to Win 7--there's a significant memory leak in Win 10, too.

I have 64GB of RAM on a Win 10 system (and 16GB of RAM on a Win10 laptop--it's affecting BOTH computers on a 350Mbps connection) and the game is using 5GB-ish within five minutes of logging in. Dropping all MTX effects and setting all audio except filter alerts to "false" in production_config seems to help, but as I play (which I haven't been able to since this patch because of the constant crashes--when I CTD three or four times just trying to log in, I say "fuck it" and go play a game that I can log in to...which right now, ain't PoE), I watch that RAM use just from PoE go up significantly.
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kabaL1337 wrote:
Pathologist wrote:
Are you guys aware of the Crucible Portal performance issue? Leaving it open ends up costing loads of performance. Even when out of sight inside a map performance degrades over time.

^ THIS. Thanks for mentioning, i realy love this Portal but cant use it
for that reason.

Feels left out Man... they are not fixed since jan 2019 here is a thread made in jan 2019 about the problem

i get it... it's just supporting the game but at least let me use them.
also talked to support and they said they are aware of the problem,

it seems they are aware since 12 months ago
for the love of God/480$ how big of a fix could these portals be? :)
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