3.9.1c Patch Notes (restartless)

i find the game playable,few legion crashes,although very rare,few instance crashes,also very rare.
but i can't get over the fact that map stash tab isn't fixed yet,it's getting on my nerves. very unprofessional.

You mean in standard? Very few players play regularly in standard so they aren't going to devote a lot of resources there. There are more important issues to loot at first.

but standard money is real too. money which many of us used to buy map stash tab.
memory leak problem too after 20 min gameplay.. :(((
is some update coming soon about ram leak? when??????
If it helps solve this memory leak issue I've noticed after I Alt-Tab from Fullscreen mode too many times the Client will eventually crash. After 3-4 hours I can alt-tab about 20 times before it inevitably crashes and each time I Alt-Tab it takes longer to swap back and forth.

I do not suffer a memory leak though. In fact Firefox takes up more system memory than this game. VRAM is generally 6 of 8GB.
I did not suffer once from memory leak since 3.9 landed, but I was playing on STD, I started the league and as is I do not see any issues yet, but I am not in maps yet, will see in few hours. PoE takes 3-4 GB of RAM at most ever since I remember regardless of activity or alt-tabbing, this didn’t change in 3.9 for me either. What I had issues with though, that caused some slowdowns was Poe.trade, discord and Firefox. These things could easily eat 2x more ram than PoE on its own, and that would happen gradually, from using only couple hundred MB’s at launch, to 5-6 GB after several Alt-Tabs and gear searches.
Persistence makes impossible possible, possible likely and likely definite. Yep, Mirror will drop eventually -_-
Mem leak should be fixed in next patch. Now we wait.
Are you aware of Metamorph boss in laboratory completely bugging on kill and dropping no loot whatsoever? Happened with Nightmare Omen to me earlier today, he must have died during that "form" - he made his death noise but disappeared from the screen, zero loot whatsoever. Feels terrific to lose "Drops a Valuable Gem." This plus Conquerors not spawning again after influence appears is driving me strongly away from putting more time into this league.
memory leakers, be glad they're even willing to fix it. If it was up to me, with Win7 EOL, the game would be no longer supported there.
Prapic wrote:
memory leakers, be glad they're even willing to fix it. If it was up to me, with Win7 EOL, the game would be no longer supported there.

Be glad that someone is paying ur bills. If it was up to me u will be in school to learn proper manners. Sight kids.
I crash every time a "restartless" patch is deployed...

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