What We're Working On - Metamorph Week Four

Metamorph is the laggiest league in a while thanks to its love of spawning dozens of monsters instantly (both during the metamorph fights, and in conqueror ambushes while mapping). Has GGG learned nothing from past (and corrected!) mistakes? Please stagger spawns like it was already done for strongboxes and such, you'd think GGG would know not to go back to something that was a major issue for years but here we are.
666lol666 wrote:
BFGjstVnQr wrote:
Cant wait to finally get out of alpha into beta.

Thanks a lot for your testing! Don't forget to make a thread when the game is somewhat playable again. ^^

This game is very playable. 130-144 FPS on my AMD Ryzen 3800X // RTX 2070 Super

Will You give me Your PC? No? Stop writing that way then.
Also at the beginning of MetaMorph game worked smooth and nice without any problem like never actually. And then they applied "patch"...

de99ial wrote:
What about memory leak?

What about not using obsolete OS?

And install one that will get all my data and send it to ms servers? No fcking way.

AdamSanders wrote:

It was free to upgrade to windows 10.(still is)

It takes less than an hour to use the windows media creation tool to upgrade to windows 10.

Its not free, You pay with Your data. READ LICENCE AGREEMENT YOU ALL "WIN10" propagandists.

AND memory leak also happens on WIN 10.
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ACGIFT wrote:
While I share your general feelings about Microsoft's new business model, you can't really expect developers to put time into ensuring compatibility with a deprecated OS. Every OS they support eats development time, *I* certainly wouldn't waste my time supporting an OS that has been deprecated by the maker of that OS.

What I actually expect is that a developer to, y'know, work to ensure that their product works for all major segments of their audience. It's very tempting and convenient for devs to just say "yeah, just buy a hardware upgrade to run our ancient stuff," (this has been the mantra for all the poorly-made console-to-PC ports, for instance) it's still not being good to your customers.

GGG, like other developers, should not give any care at all what Microsoft calls "deprecated;" Microsoft is not their customer. They should focus on what their players are using. And as of back in August, Win7 had about 60% as many users as Win 10. (https://venturebeat.com/2019/09/01/net-applications-windows-10-windows-7-market-share/ - Win10's growth has substantially tapered off once the "free upgrade" offer expired years ago)

Simply put, GGG should not be caring about what Microsoft says. They should be caring that the game has severe technical issues for 30% of all users. (really, more than 30% because we'd have to exclude the almost-10% of MacOS users)

Also you can opt out of the "spyware" at install time.

Only some of it. "Basic" telemetry is mandatory and inescapable.

having a modern OS is worth the trade-off.

...It doesn't offer anything actually functionally "new" over 7. It's an exemplar of Microsoft's current strategy of "just change things to make them different as an excuse to sell it."

I get what you are saying but Windows 7 days are over and it's time to move on. Not sure if Poe runs on Linux but that might be something to look into if you're sick of Microsoft's business model.
I get that it was the holidays - but PREPARE for these things guys. Dont release right before your entire staff leaves MIA for 2 weeks. You do this every time and it sucks every single time.
Leap Slam stucking fix when
Since last patch I crash constantly every 2nd or 3rd map to some "terrain missing error". You should put back old patch and go to vacation again, its same as last league where "patching crashes" created even more crashes.

Crash and DC problems still on.
ACGIFT wrote:

...It doesn't offer anything actually functionally "new" over 7.

A few things just aren't supported, like ASW with a Oculus Rift. Sticking with Windows 7 makes as much sense as sticking with Windows XP. ie: it doesn't.
thank you
Very curious if the recipe to swap metamorph organs is still in the works.

I've been pretty unlucky and have only managed to get like two eyes compared to dozens of each other part.

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