We're now in the fourth week of the Metamorph league! Most of our devs are back from their holidays, well-rested and ready for another busy year of development. This week we're planning to deploy a big 3.9.2 patch. Its patch notes will likely be released tomorrow. In the meantime, we have prepared a small list of additional issues which have been resolved and will be fixed live in a hotfix very soon (before the main patch).

  • Specific Atlas Regions can end up in an incorrect state after migrating from SSF.
  • Releasing Legion Generals during Legion encounters can cause a client crash.
  • Instance crash in Mao Kun unique map.
  • Instance crashes when interacting with the Betrayal content.

We'll continue to monitor your feedback and develop patches with fixes and improvements. Thank you for your feedback!
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Cant wait to finally get out of alpha into beta.

ALSO: Can we get an update on how many more duplicate standard map tabs need to be bought before you'll fix that?
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
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Ty. The game really needs fixes as soon as possible, especially about horizon orbs, map stash tab managemente, conqueror spawning and sirus fight. Ty
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nice ty ggg!
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still nothing with amd gpu crashes ?
Nice, I just came back from my vocation too. Seems to be a good time to join the league

PS: and 1st page too!
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THX ggg

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