Sirus game freezes in final phase

Good Morning,

Before I start:

Xbox One X
External SSD
300MB down 300MB up Hardwired

I have gotten to Sirus on his last phase 3 times now without dying, managing the storms perfectly. What ensues is one of the most frustrating things I have ever dealt with in my 25+ years of gaming.

During the last phase my entire game will freeze for seconds at a time (sometimes 3 seconds sometimes 10+) and I will lose control over my character and lag offscreen outside of his safe "bubble" and die to a storm. Sometimes after this happens there is an added layer of "fun" with the encounter and one of the storms I parked far away from the entrance will be at the entrance. I have actually completed the fight with a storm at the door by flame dashing through and living with less than 10% life.

Here is a video:

I've successfully killed him 2 times even with these conditions but something needs to change.

GGG- I hope this message reaches you as you return from holiday and you get this fight worked out.

There are many other issues with the league at the moment, but this one feels completely game breaking as it removes the chase factor and fun from pursuing end game content.

Thanks for listening!
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The fight is unplayable. I’ve died four times in a row because my one x lags whenever the storms come by and I get smashed.

There is nothing more frustrating dying to stuff you have literally no control over. The graphics need to be tuned WAY down for console
Same problem here, 3th fight is broken, cant control my caracter at all.

I didnt manage to kill hem with this lag. Rest of the content in down, uber elder, shaper, atziri, only this fight because of the lag issues.
Bump for visibility, please address this issue
Thank you for your report.
We are currently investigating this issue.
  I confirm the lag and freeze combat in the first 3 phase and sometimes crash during the last .... Surely due to the storm ..... My friends and I also have freeze since patch 3.9.1 when the conquerors appear on the map and it's been even worse for 48 hours. I'm on xbox one x.
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same FPS issue on PS4
Sometimes my Zombiemancer was strong enough to survive Sirus' FPS freezing trial :D

Tried an another sirus, on the last phase, 6 amazing freeze follow by 6 consecutives crash... a pleasure!

This fight is definitely unplayable in this state but if it can force you to solve performance's problems of poe it could be the best thing that happened to the game... I hope!

- PS4
- wired connection (around 7 ping on other games so it's clearly not my connection the problem)
- Europeen serveurs (same issue on London, Francfort or Amsterdam)
- Playing without any sound to prevent crash (seems to be not efficient!)
Tried an another sirus, on the last phase, 6 amazing freeze follow by 6 consecutives crash... a pleasure!
Would it be possible for you to record a video of this problem? It would help us a lot.

Everyone in this thread plays Necromancer and the problem is related to minions. I think you might have a different issue altogether.
To be honest, I don't know how to do for record a video and I really need a break with this game so I have already deleted it (again!). Yes I'm a little bit impulsive but this fight have destroyed my last motivation for the game!

For more information : I'm playing a Gladiator, one handed, Cyclone crit impale.

The first crash was few second after starting the last phase and after a 5-7 seconds freeze (with xp lost, so the game considerate I'm dead)

The 3 next crashes were during the loading screen between my hidout and the area (no xp lost)

The 5 was like the first, few seconds after engaga the fight > freeze > crash (xp lost)

The last was during the loading screen!

End of the game!

I hope it will help even if my english is bad but keep in mind one thing : It make at least 6 months players prevent you for disastrous performance of the game with hundreds posts but all the major threads were systematically ignored so you are just paying the consequence of your absence.

See you one day... maybe

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