[3.10] NKO's Saviour Champion Cyclone/lacerate 18m boss dps [Videos] [ALL CONTENT]

awakener 8 sirus last phase : https://streamable.com/gfu11

My Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/nigelssoncs

https://streamable.com/8scxo white weapon shaper
https://streamable.com/pww7j minotaur with 10c chest and weapons total

Insane 5 delirium orb t15 clear
https://streamable.com/saahy This map is extremely hard and ill bet some blue mosters have shaper's hp pool :DD i have 18-20m boss dps and i still need good 5 second to kill pack

Explode chest does so much in those maps since they explode max% hp

You can use either Cyclone or Lacerate, its exactly same tree just 2 gem swaps and ur good to go which ever u want to :)

Best cluster jewels
https://streamable.com/pv6qi I took out Twin terror node and took the crit one and the attackspeed node from the small jewel

With this jewel and pride watchers we have total of 10 impales. and with champion's ascendancy we gain 60 to 120 physical damage to attacks which is insane along with actual impale effect. We got +1 impale jewels on cluster's and more great stuff.
there is no nerfs at all to this build

Delirium Gear

Very good quality of life in tailwind boots is 20% movementspeed AND onslaught chance on kill craft.

Fresh gear and tree updates u see from my profile : NKO_NIISTAN_KAUPASSA


You get 2 copies of yourself which do lacerate when u crit with it ( they double ur damage ). then we are using paradoxica in other hand which also doubles your damage output.

tank test (btw no forti up)

Cyclone Videos

Lacerate Videos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r0kaNKmPyk&feature=youtu.be sirus
https://streamable.com/ucu9n Uber Elder
https://streamable.com/5rlsq Shaper dps
https://streamable.com/7wbdyElder explosion
https://streamable.com/fz43g Lacerate Clearing
this build can have up to 6 - 7k hp with right gear and scion hp wheel
high armor and fortify effects (extremely tanky with ascendanies and iron reflexes)


Cyclone setup
Cyclone - Pulverise - brutality - melee physical damage - fortify - impale support
Lacerate setup
Lacerate - Impale - Multistrike - melee physcal damage - fortify - brutality
Aura gem setups and everything u see from gear section


-pick up tabula, 2 uniq swords and other leveling gear.
-Frostblade - onslaught - added cold - ancestral call
-lvl 28-31 bladestorm, lacerate or cyclone and supports
-upgrade ur swords/axes and go insane
-1 possibility which is prolly best is to go terminus est flicker / cyclone leveling.

Bandit : alira
Ascendancy : Unstoppable Hero, master of metal, conqueror, worthy foe.

PoB link : https://pastebin.com/3fEs1S57
late game pob : https://pastebin.com/jjZZYg5x

what u should be aiming for

Prioritize in this order
-15 manacost chest and -5 mana craft on ring.
-obviously the sword, im pretty sure paradoxica is best to dualwield with but this can be used foil with high pdps
-assasin mark ring / mark of elder
-+2 impale jewel
-cyclone damage / attackspeed / bloodrage attackspeed / 40% lacerate damage
-tailwind boots
-bottled faith
-chaos resistance if u can fit it in

Delirium leag Lethal pride

30% fortify effect is BIG in this league since mobs hit hard

10% fortify effect, 30% melee crit chance, 60% melee damage, 20% totem damage and 32 Str

Lategame upgrades
elusive buff grants us 20% dodge and spell dodge.
presicion pride watcher's eye
chest or amulet with additional curse and gloves with vulnerability on hit

If u have anything to ask, ingame name : NKO_NIISTAN_KAUPASSA

You can share ur items and videos in comment section, im curious to see ur setups :)
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poppin up
do the clones have their own bladestorm limits?

Im trying to make the weapon work for bosses and cyclone and BF is just straight up bugged and unusable.
@La_Nague yes they do, i Pob:ed some dmg numbers and came out with 9.5m - 10m boss dps as u see in videos. +1 helm enchant and we are good to go.
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Gonna be trying this build, just acquired the sword today.
u elder down :)
shaper phase 1 down in 3-4 sec
I wonder, why do you have close combat in your links? I thought you lose proximity bonus as soon you get away from storms?
Melee: Frost blades, Frenzy.
Spell: EK, Firestorm.
@MCSMvsME its pretty rare if i even go away from storms, still if i go back my copies will still be on enemys face. so that makes sense right since they get benefits from everything such as supp gems flasks n buffs
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Want do try this build so here i am with my gear setup https://pastebin.com/FS5myNv8

if you have any tips or change i should make.

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