Concept Art of Armour from Path of Exile 2

Haha I'm gonna regret buying MTX if they continue to make these armours this good. I'd still buy them to support, we'll have to wait and see.
so character face custom add ?
Yo it looks like there is some very skilled and very focused thief in our hideout or in the towns. It looks like someone has been stealing a pauldron (and only ONE pauldron) from everyone's stash.
These look fantastic!
The look pretty great. And they even have pants!
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Overall the art looks great. However, since the concept art is going for a more realistic look, I have a couple of issues with the plate armour shown in the concept art for the plate vest and inquisitor mail:

1) plate armour should not have breasts, it is unpractical and looks a little bit silly. the concept art for the front of the males looks great and, in my opinion the female version should keep the same idea.

2) the back of these models shouldn't bend at the level of the spine, that is also quite unpractical and silly since, same as breasts in the front plate, would redirect any strike towards the middle of the body instead of defflecting it away from it.

other than that the concept art looks great

that female character model better be in the game. too sick!
these are so beautiful they are making me horny
Parzival1423 wrote:
Hold up a second, are subclasses getting their own unique armor pieces, maybe when ascending? god i hope so those look dope!

There was talk at Exilecon to make ascendencies visibly ingame by any means.
Could be indeed a combination of unique armors and some character skin changes (in case of Chieftain).

My guess would be:
Depending on ascendency your armor pieces will get an automatic style upgrade/modification. Like chieftain plate armour with fire runes/etc.
But not sure if these Ascendency styles will differentiate between different armour classes (cloth,leather,mail,plate).

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