Concept Art of Armour from Path of Exile 2

Too bad you won't get that camera aspect in-game
Looks awesome. The PoE2 hype is real
Looks awesome
These are all beautiful!
Those armour ideas are good looking but quite bad in practical terms. by having the metal plate dent in where the gap is between the breasts of the female model or having it dent in where the spine is at the back is a fatal flaw. Any blade from an opponent will be practically led into and tunneled into those dents making the force of the blow concentrate there, further denting in the metal in case it doesnt even break. That will distort the armour and not only break several bones but in case of the chest make it impossible to breath as the armor hinders you or in case of the spine will leave you paralysed.

You should look up some youtube videos of that english guy who evaluates medieval armor in pop culture like video games, series and animes and talks about the drawbacks unrealistic armour has and why actual medieval armour in the last stages of development is always very round, has few rough edges and no dents in it. Reason being that you want something round that doesnt show the countours of the body since you want the force of an enemy blow to be led away from the person wearing the armour.

I know, its meant to look cool (and in case of the female model sexy I guess) its just something that caught my eye.
GGG you normal? When I saw 3.9 I started playing 24/7 but what will happen when PoE 2 comes out ???
But can the Strength class wear the Simple Robe at level 1?
"I can't wrap my head around this."
You... you don't wrap your... never mind.
ssf_enigma wrote:
Finally a cloak of flame that looks good and isn't alt art!

It is an alternate art. Look at the shoulder pad.
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WOOOOOOW, new armor types. Cloak Of Flame should burn!!! IMHO ;)
That is super dope!

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