Concept Art of Armour from Path of Exile 2

Super excited to be able to use my skin transfers, armor looks amazing as always. I'd really love to see some shoe variations aswell (like the heels in the witch concept arts)
Absolutely magnificient congratulations ! Choosing credible armours than stupid MMO's disproportionate shiny stuff makes your game much mature, perfect for an ARPG like POE :D
who cares fix the 50000 bugs
I'm interested too see how all the old/older supporter pack/MTX armour will look.

Specifically the master/grandmaster set from the early days.

Those looked SOOO awesome in the early concept art and didn't quite live up to todays standard :D
Map tab is still borked,
Missing maps I feel forked.
I've waited for so very long,
These bugs are just oh so wrong.
Buy MTX? - no I shall wait,
For these bugs I truly hate.
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outlierlol wrote:
who cares fix the 50000 bugs

Yeah I'm sure the concept artists are the same people as the ones doing bug fixes... oh wait
wow they are redoing all the unique armor too... Thats a shiton of work.
Speechless. No words.

Simply amazing, just amazing.

I was with my mouth open for minutes 'till i have noticed it.

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gorgeous design. wow
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