Concept Art of Armour from Path of Exile 2

pls stop post it. i cant wait poe 2
Kudos to the artists, amazing work!

However, will 8k resolution/monitor be required to appreciate all of these armor intricacies? Or on-site GGG server building LAN access to avoid pixelation performance?
All the concept art loved and fits very nice i hope you dev decide to implement that like to replace the old default ones, great work thanks for share.
🅰🅻🅸🅽 ::: ! ♥ PoE ツ 👌 :::
Wer von seinem Tag nicht zwei Drittel für sich selbst hat, ist ein Sklave
These look absolutely stunning.

Curious if some armours from PoE 1 will remain in the game? I like some of the Roman-like designs too.

Some current uniques look awesome too, and would enjoy seeing them return. Just updated ofc but small things, keep their original style as much as possible. (Like what I am seeing with the flame robe :) )

From old base armours, the ones I personally think could stay in the game-

I don't think I like any of these :P Be done with them :P
Evasion- Wild Leather is ok, but rather generic so whatever you do with that is cool.
Energy Shield- meh, don't like many of those either.
Armour/Evasion- Full Scale Armour and Field Lamellar are pretty dope.
Armour/Energy Shield- Full Chainmail... That one. Definitely love that one.
Evasion/ES- Don't really like many of these either. lol.

So basically, 3 of the base armours. Full Scale Armour, Field Lamellar and Full Chainmail. Maybe they can be lower tier (ofc) starter armours.

A good amount of uniques would be nice too. Like for example an updated Solaris Lorica, Lioneye's Vision, Iron Heart, Brass Dome, Bronn's Lithe, Belly of the Beast, and on the list goes.

I assume this approach is mostly taken anyway, seeing what you guys done with the flame robe :)

Man, can't praise these enough, they look sooo, goooood!
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Nice! Now i wont have to look like a cheese grater without mtx on!
That's awesome, I can't wait to see them ingame :O
So glad you didn't go full 'fantasy-tard' on the armour, the Champion Armour set actually looks like an existing renaissance piece, nice.
is that the guy from diablo 4 trailer??
Wow !!!

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