Concept Art of Armour from Path of Exile 2

this player above me has one achievement in the curent legue and is spamming huge message lists to cover a discussion about price fixing...

hello chinese farmer :)
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Very nice.
I hope that older MTX sets will get updated as well because damn this is high quality stuff.
This looks great! Looking forward to play POE2 !!

Diz sheet iz leet...
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Alt arts die, because they just don't look straight up better than all the shit anymore. The rich bois' pee-pee just shortened by two inches.
Oh dear so cliched that asymmetrical shoulder armour is so unimaginative, these look so bland and why is it so asexual? Awful.
Big up to Jeff and the console team.
ChanBalam wrote:
Awesome stuff! How is the memory leak fix coming?

Yeah, let's get the concept artists working on that.
meanwhile in Poe1 ppl waiting for ram leak bug fix because they cannot play since 2 weeks :)
Looks amazing. This currently patch is spot on in so many ways. Essentially overloading most players with content. It's crazy to think back how the game used to be vs what it has become at this current point in time. Simply incredible.

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