Tyrs Paladium is Hiring! "The 30-70+ Year Olds' Guild"

Welcome to our humble abode DanH!

If You Can Dream, of a better land...

where ALL our Brothers (& Sisters) walk hand in hand,

Then WE have something in common!

Join TYRS PALADIUM, the very FIRST, and longest running Neverwinter guild. "NO DRAMA -- NO B.S." pays off!

There IS a light in the DARK.... Come meet our wonderful & generous folk.

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15 Years Strong


One of the FEW still in existence.
Excited to get approved join!
Welcome to Tyrs Paladium Slymal!
I submitted my application. Can't wait to hear back and possibly join!
Returning player and just logged onto website. Nicely set up. Looking forward to joining.
i signed up on website!
Just sent in my application.

IGN - DragonWrench

We have one of the most active guild websites there is, created by and for guildies only.

On our site, you could find plenty of game tips in the Tyrs Library, sign up for scheduled raids in the Tyrs War Room or the Tyrs Arena (non-raid runs), shoot the sh!t in the Tyrs Tavern, or listen to our esoteric MP3 player in the Tyrs Mosh Pit! And that’s only a mere taste of Kargon’s Tasty ham!

You will ALWAYS find good times and a helping hand in Tyrs Paladium.

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