Tyrs Paladium is Hiring! "The 30-70+ Year Olds' Guild"

We have been together since 2008!


Come join us!!!!



Cause we need Moar COWBELL!!!!

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Yep, we are Old School. And proud of it.

We accept all different player levels into Tyrs, from new to hardened game vets. Yet, we are quite selective who we choose. We are looking for people who want to teach and lead, and/or want to just play with others in the guild. We seek veterans who share our style of play. We seek those that want to be part of a tight band of brothers and sisters.

**Are you an old school gamer? New to POE? **

Or, you may be one of the truly brave, such as active military or a Veteran. We are VERY PROUD of our military contingent that has always been among our ranks since the VERY BEGINNING. We are a VERY military friendly guild.

In Tyrs, you get to play among good people who play to have fun. The character we seek is a unique blend, you either have it, or you don't.

If you think you'd be a good fit, and you care about playing hard, having fun, but never leaving your guildie behind, hit me up in the thread, personal message.

--- Aandre the Giant
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Hi all,

Flyingarrowfish here. I applied via instruction and waiting for a response!

Looking forward to joining if accepted!

Mostly a standard player but I love close knit community and party plays.

35, married with two daughters. Also combat veteran from US army, 1-325 AIR 11B1P (mos)

I applied and look forward to joining!

I'm not sure how many hours I have logged into this game anymore but I still enjoy the content.

Hey guys.

I joined the Guild last year, but I got really sick and had to stop playing for a while.

I am not sure if I even updated you guys (I think I was using a website previously to talk to everyone?)

Anyway it turned out I had an intestinal blockage that I got from most likely falling on the ice a few years previously (with a lot of weight on my back from a backpack full of paint) I damaged my ribs and was out of action for a month, but it seems I had some internal damage that was not spotted at the time.

I kept getting violently sick around once every year, and then it would pass.

This last time though I just wasn't getting better. Eventually through some of the symptoms I was showing, they could deduce what was wrong and booked me in for a scan.

In total I was in hospital for around a month, and was sick for a month leading up to this. I can't remember if I actually told you guys what happened, after I got out of hospital or not, but anyway I'm fine now.

I'm going to be starting to play the game again soon as well, will most likely come online sometime next week.

Anyway I just thought I'd reach out. I see I hadn't been kicked, so that's a huge improvement, ha ha. Usually if I was gone for this long I'd have been kicked from most guilds.

I'll catch up next week, if not before.
Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.
Just applied through website!

Hope to be joining you guys soon :)
Just applied through your website and hope to join the team soon!
Just sent my application, hope to join soon! :)
2022 --- our 15th year!!! Those of the NO DRAMA ilk -- please JOIN US!!!

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Just sent my app

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