Building the World of Path of Exile 2

Man, this talk felt so rewarding for me, to see how much has GGG been able to achieve over the years from open beta when i started playing until now, talks like these show how much GGG cares about the game and how much of the profits from those sweets MTX i buy every league are invested back onto it.

I love the direction where this is going, keep up with the good work GGG!
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Looking great, you really put a ton of time into this. Absolutely stunning that the actual armor plates and cloth, teeth, etc. can now move properly. The before and after pics were eye-opening, it's sometimes hard to gauge progress like this without them.

Keep it up, this kind of direction is absolutely what the game needs. I'm looking forward to PoE 2.
This is really cool I like it
Clickachu wrote:
Maybe fix the bugs, that deleted hundreds of my maps, which will never be recovered, neither recomensated in any way first, or the atlas, that is bugged, and I cant progress, even tho i did like 50 maps?

"Hundreds" of maps? Cant progress? Maybe read how the new atlas works, and then you can progress no problem :(
I am in love with the new Witch model. <3


The new Occultist Vest!!! :O
Øvè®þðwé® Øvê®®ûn Øvè®çðmé
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really l dont have any hope abt poe2 or poe future you always gave us tons of bug grapic problems tons of weird no mean nerfs with lags maybe firs fix just single legue befor give player or just pls 1 time without mistakess l feel like l always play at enlesss beta ptr server and your drop system rng system not working or in bug or there is no rng system drops are not fair.....
looking forward to all those videos, thanks for putting them up
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That was neat. About ten minutes into the questions I literally was losing my mind to boredom. It was like "No, I can't quit. I've watched so much, I'm almost done." though.

I'm most likely just gonna call it as soon as questions start, if there is questions in the next ones.
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Nobody has a problem with the graphics. We want to know about the engine. You needed a third party studio to convert photos... So who's doing the engine work?

That alone will decide the future of this game for most of us.
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