Building the World of Path of Exile 2

I like the stuff he talks.
I appreciate the all the talks , and showings their thinking , vision etc.
But he sounds like he was bored or tired with all of it , why?

Funny fact looking on the items/weapons its get me the feeling of good old Thief game... oh..

And the new witch is still better then Netflix Yennefer adaptation XD
POE is already a perfect game, Just add some Blizzard style CGI videos to deepen the story line
Fix your servers FFS. Moscow realm doesnt exist, we are playing at frankfurt cuz it redirects there. Just lost sirus fight due to the laggy instance...
ability to buy and or dye your equipment/armor, through crafting or microtransactions is pretty sweet
i hope the game comes with a shitload of optimizations because poe needs it BADLY. Blight is still unplayable.
Hardcore League

IGN: Rilict or jestlolk
Nice to see PoE.2 in the works. But I’m more excited about D4.

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