What We're Working On - Metamorph Week Two

On Windows 7, the game consumes too much memory.

Nice nice.
"Map Tab, Map Tab, why so blue?"
"I'm missing maps, just like you!"
"What'tis this travesty you say?"
"Yes, GGG took them all away!"
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Double post.
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I'm using Windows 7 and I have no interest in Windows 10. I use it at work, I've spent hours cleaning computers of bloatware, spyware and ads. I know damn well I don't want that at home.

PoE has always been leaking a lot of RAM for me but it has certainly gotten worse with metamorph.

In my experience, the most problematic aspect is the crazy lag produced by the new elderslayer-influenced creatures. The hunter and his serpents are not so bad but as soon as one of the other three shows up on a map my screen turns into a blur and I hardly know what I'm doing.

The only reason I can complete this content is because I play a summoner and minions aren't affected by lag. With a melee build I'd probably die a lot.
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TheInvestor wrote:
NickIAm wrote:
As many others said before me: fix liver's drop too.

Beware of MHO as it might be hard to read

I am pretty disappointed at GGG's current vector where they are just ignoring the main problems and release patches feew times in a month!

All of that leads to dead leagues and prices that just stay where they are till the leagues end.

That's a pretty dumbass opinion. Few big patches (leagues) a year is all they can handle with their current resources AND they have tested this since 2013 to see what format of leagues works best in terms of resources spent and quality of content which is directly connected to player retention numbers. Go watch Chris WIlson's GDD talk on YouTube, he explains it there.

Was I talking about THE BIG PUTCHES that bring new mechanics? Nope. I was talking about bug fixes of existing ones. You should have read better.

TheInvestor wrote:

Little things like adjusting drop rates they do all the time with small patches or hotfixes. If you didn't know they did that you're either extremely stupid and parroting the complaints of other stupid players or just played for like 2 days and haven't had to update your client with a small patch that had bug fixes (and possibly drop rate changes or other small things u won't notice till prices shift).

That and only that is the main problem of GGG. I do not notice any of that "bug fixes" in that patch that I "didn't download few days ago". And, dear, don't be so toxic.

League is on a second week and they are still working on eyes/livers drop rate. Do you think that is normal?
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molotovjr wrote:
On Windows 7, the game consumes too much memory.

Nice nice.

It consumes 2.5 - 3.5GB on mine. That is not alot considering other games out there, that easily eat 6 or more.
Fix the map tab stash already. You might enjoy micromanaging the crap out of tabs and jumping through hoops to just make things work and play the game, the rest of us don’t. It’s also a pretty obvious message to those who buy stuff that paying customers are low on the priority list. That works both ways now I guess.
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the game has the worst performance problems I've seen for 5 years in w10 BTW
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I'm still not getting any eyes,is it fixed for you people? Could my rng be so bad? I have dozens of hearts and other components but no eyes.
Two weeks in this game and i still have not played the league's main content,like wtf?
Change the freaking atlas back.

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