[3.13] Konsta's Slayer Double Strike Starter - Excellent DPS, good defenses. Starter.

XxHeartxX wrote:
Quick question, in cons it says can't run Phys reflect maps, but you have headsman allocated on ascendency which gives phys reflect immunity...I am kinda confused.

The original build is not slayer, but gladitor class to maximize damage of frenzy charge. With changes on update patch he change accesdency class and some other info too, but not update all the content as they are similar in many ways.
nice build, is it good with 2 handed swords?
How do you get bleed chance now? Your passives on the PoB don't spec into bleed and since you swapped to slayer, you don't get any like glad had. I know there's nodes on the tree, just wondering if there's something I'm missing. Thanks
can i use axes instead of swords?
nice build, is it good with 2 handed swords?

Yes definetely viable. I used Kondos Pride as starter weapon for mapping and switched to a rare 2h sword later.
Im using Shadows and Dust gloves for cheap and fun AoE clear, but im mostly playing with a friend who has way better AoE clear anyway.

Here is the PoB, in case anyone is interested:

It had ~4 mio DPS as budget (less than 5 ex probably) and has ~8.6 mio DPS as medium budget build (roughly 15 ex) using Double Strike only, without calculating in the Boyz or any of the two Totems.
Complete DPS according to PoB paper calculation currently is:
8.6 Double Strike
1.0 Boyz (do they count twice?)
1.2 Warchief
1.4 Protector
= 12.2 mio

Here is my equipement from ritual league:




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