3.9.1 Hotfix 2

Snowtomb wrote:
i've also not been able to play for the past 3 days, i seem to have lessened the memory leak problem by adding the "-gc 1" line in the Launch Options, worth a try for whomever is having this issue.

Windows 7 x64 user here.

i tried, didn't fixed the problem haha, but thanks anyway.
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These small fixes are fucking awesome. BUT from a steam users perspective with a full time job it is hell on earth. I come home in the afternoon and have some hours to play. Due to the integration you got with steam, somehow, downloading 180mbs will take half an hour. No matter how juicy my SSD and network is. It is dreadful. Ofcourse i could reinstall from the client.. but somehow im only reminded of how sucky it is when there's a leaguestart :D
Is there an upcoming patch that will change the way we get samples?
Didnt helped. Also CWDT still triggers only closest gem. Rest is normally active.
auto pickup is working ! we don't need to click on them anymore, glad to see that, thx devs.
de99ial wrote:
Didnt helped. Also CWDT still triggers only closest gem. Rest is normally active.

Dude stop posting this already and 4 link your head! It's not bugged, you got it setup wrong!
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Yeah OK my bad but i swear that was 4l before todays patch...
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No memory leak fix. Path of exilecon, the biggest con of them all.
Nice work GGG. Ofc you are fixing in like less than 1hour the map crash system and a few others that people complaining. i guess for taking you more than 3 days and havent fixed that ram leak, you will never gonna fix that so bye and i hope the league will be dead soon enough to see what you did with that bad programing of yours. P.s. i never had problem playing any game before than this, so, really good job, keep doing what you do
Still not memory leak, one of the most important problems is not fixed.

They should have go back to 3.9D when they had time, now its going to take a month to fix like happened to Betrayal intervention.

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