3.9.1 Hotfix 2

WAs the game unplayable during that time for a bunch of players as well back then?
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de99ial wrote:
Naikon1991 wrote:
jazzman888 wrote:
Dude be happy u can play, I cant play after 3.9d couse memmory leak.

+++ can't play 4 days...

Similar. Tommorow probably cant play also and to me it means im back after Christmas.

So Healthy Christmas everyone :)

I checked past patch history,
last year last patch 21th of December, next patch 10th of January.

GGGGGGGGGG no poe for 3 weeks. [/quote]

Well, my DC isues start at month before Blight League end.
1,5 week ago DC was almost constant, change location? DC.
Start client? DC. Can't login.
Often lag kill and client crash. Also graphic glith.
After last patch (~14h play) I experience 1 DC and I was quite
sure it was my connection issue.
Not even mention that gameplay is much smoother than before.

Sorry for other players trouble, I know how painfull it can be.
Keep losing my maps because of "instance crushes".
Two maps back to back sometimes. One map per hour at avarage. I'm kinda ok with *just* crushing, but I simply can not tolerate the portals absence when i'm logging back in my hideout.
can you hot fix freezeng metamorf????
game freezing, game crushing, game becomes laggy after a short period of time(impossilbe to do most of the content due to that)
and all that happened after 3.9.1 patch(never had issues before on my mediocre old pc, all was smooth)
kinda feels like a ruined league start
nimrod25 wrote:

Sorry for other players trouble, I know how painfull it can be.

The main problem really is that they introduced a new problem with the 3.9.0e patch that causes memory leaks and therefore insane fps drops after a short amount of playtime, making the game unplayable, unless you want to restart every 5-15 minutes/cant do certain content at all like blight and will randomly lose all your progression...

The thread in the bug forum has over 16 pages now with players who are affected by this.
They could have just reverted the patch, but instead they send us into holidays with a game that is literally unplayable?

There is a slim chance there will be a hotfix tomorrow, but very unlikely, so the problem will persist until january.

Not to mention all the people who report they are stuck at 16 watchstones/after fighting sirius and cannot progress at all...

And then the "new feature" for even orgran distribution that never gives you any eye parts, therefore was broken right from the start...people now have to deal with that until january which basically cuts content.

I think this expansion has seriously hurt GGG's reputation, I have so many players on my friendlist who are pissed..
How can you release such a buggy expansion at a point of time where you know in advance you wont have enough time to fix stuff because of christmas?..

Sounds to me that someone there is pushing release schedules even harder now (Tencent *cough*), welcome to the new EA that is called GGG now.
Whats next, auto pickup loot like in China if u buy the MTX?
Hardcore revive tokens?

Even blizzard handled their messed up Diablo 3 launch better than this...

Iv been playing this game since beta, 5 years ago or so, but I think the story is finally over.
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How about Hotfix the eye droprates :(
Really dissapointed that we don't get any answers from GGG. Is the elderslayer spawnrate a bug? Is it beeing worked on? Does opening atlas missions from masters cause this bug? Does doing white maps/switching the hideout really fix it?

I understand it's holiday season and a fix might take time but at least tell us what you know so far. Nothing worse than feeling like you guys don't care that's what I expect from EA not GGG.
Chill/freeze please, bring back our damage, ice builds are disabled now.
Fix the freaking eye drop rate please!!

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