3.9.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

Please fix the bug that complete "Chasing a dream" in friend's map and unable to get Zana in my Hideout.
LogicalNerd wrote:
hsanhuezar wrote:
QUESTLINE FIX PLS, STUCK AT 8, doubled them in the center and NOTHING

This was answered two comments above you.

Question, any idea on when the fix for the windows 7 crash "when throwing a dynamite to break a wall" in delve will occur?

After doing some thorough testing (3 broken walls) it seems like this was fixed. Thanks a lot!
wgtandat wrote:
Please fix the bug that complete "Chasing a dream" in friend's map and unable to get Zana in my Hideout.

This, we cannot progress further than tier 5, no zana, no watchstones.
Maps still corrupting down for me after the patch. Seems to not be fixed.
What about crashes when tane spawns? alot of people cant even play the game, its frying hardware in some cases.
Crush with delve fractured wall, still waiting for a fix.

Edit: I stop crushing, so I guess this is fixed.
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DHShadows wrote:
thats good but im currently at 8 watchstones and before that it was so easy to get watchstones but now LITERALLY it never procs again for me idk if its bugged if im doing something wrong since the instructions are very unclear on what you need to do

8 watchstones here as well and no matter what I do on Atlas I don't get any other colored region, unsure if it's a bug or if problem is between the chair and keyboard.
The only thing i'm sure about is explanations are really missing :D
Hf :)
Note: Later this week we will deploy a patch that changes it so that "Metamorph samples are collected automatically when monsters die."

Oh thx,
Maps like Glacier drop like 50 organs only in the first few screens. That was so awful to pick up every single piece. Thx this is gone now.

Great fixes, thank you!

Any update on the AMD issues? 5700xt specifically...
Please do NOT make the organs autopickup before finding a fix for the Tane spawn crash, as doing so would make us unfortunate card owners unable to play at all!
And if you must do this change to organ picking before finding the fix, at least make it so that it can be turned on and off, and is off by default, thanks!
Atlas bugged out here too.
I'm at 16 watchstones. One region has taken elderslayer influence, but no matter what maps I run in that region of the tier shown, the elderslayer isnt re-appearing. I literally have 4 watchstones stuck in the region, the region stuck influenced by the elderslayer and unable to spawn an exile in any other regions.

This isnt user error.
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