3.9.0c Hotfix 4

TheTrueNoob wrote:
It's me or only affter thix hotfix game got unstable? Got 4 logouts in 1 hour and lost only t3 map i ever had. Frankfurt gateway

Same Gateway here but no problems what so ever. Perfect ping and latency, no disconnects.
MrSneakyFox wrote:
I finished "Chasing a dream" in my friend's map, now I can't place zana in my hideout and can't see her portals in maps.

How do I fix this

Same problem, still not fixed after 3.9.0c Hotfix 4

They seem to start to fix things from the middle and not from the start.
Zana just refures to spawn , so does Baran after many hundreds of corner maps.
Please, anyone who can confirm or deny whether Pestilent Strike actually works now or if it still crashes the game? I am getting desperate
Crash AMD GPU ?
What about bugged regions? I've done every single map showing in the region that's blue 4 times and the boss will not spawn. No signs of anything. I've changed hideouts, restarted pc, client, reinstalled the patch, and I'm getting absolutely nothing for progress.
SSF, because Path of Trade RMTers and bots suck.
Chain Hook still crash ;( i cant Play this league.
Sweet now if only I could play the game without crashing, because it was never tested with my video card.
Game either crashes or stucks at loading screen. Already had 5 crashed in the last 10 minutes.
Better fix it. I farmed 12 stones and none of them is green.
Swaggmann wrote:
gugo123 wrote:
These 1.3 MB patches take way to friggin much time to patch with the steam client...cant you bundle them a bit more?
Was hoping to play a bit and now im stuck patching for half an hour...ffs.

you can say that...again, and again ...and again...started 7:05pm..finished 9:20pm...all for 1.3mb

Took the plunge and swapping to normal client

Steam is the normal client which works perfectly fine with 30 000 games. Or maybe steam is trash and the game that crashes on amd, crashes because of skills in that very game, fails to trigger quests, instance crashes, crashes because of stupid mtx, crashes because crashes, can't update properly etc is flawless and immaculate.
So with all your brainpower and intelligence (don't forget to equip +int rings for this one) which of those statements is true?

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