3.9.0c Hotfix 4

edit: fixed!!! YAY
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still cant log in updated 9 times
Not fixed!!!
IGN: CycloningAsuna
These 1.3 MB patches take way to friggin much time to patch with the steam client...cant you bundle them a bit more?
Was hoping to play a bit and now im stuck patching for half an hour...ffs.
Pestilent Strike is still causing crashes on Metamorph bosses, and I'm worried it's assumed it was fixed earlier. Can we get confirmation that you're aware the bug wasn't fixed?

It's getting to the point where I just just feel deflated about the whole league mechanic.
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Fifty minutes on SSD for 1.3 Mo, nice one Steam !

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Pestilent Strike is now working for me this morning.

I've killed a number of spawned bosses with it and not crashed. Thank you :)
Still can't pop any inner citadels. :<
I finished "Chasing a dream" in my friend's map, now I can't place zana in my hideout and can't see her portals in maps.

How do I fix this
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