3.9.0c Hotfix 3

When does this go live?
so I ran all remaining T3 of that region - nothing.

have you deployed this stuff or it is still staging? it is not live yet
Sorry, as this was deployed restartlessly in order for this change to take affect you'll have to create a new Hideout, or let your Hideout instance timeout.

I've added this to the notes.
I wasted like 40 maps in the bug region finally you fix this before I completely burn out. lol, you need to noticfy people to create new hideout, or just restart your server before more people to riot or burn out for this clueless map system
Since this hotfix was deployed I now crash within 5 seconds of starting the game up. Can't get out of town. I made a new character and went through twilight strand no problem then crashed in town.
Fixed the Unnamed Monster Component bug. This has temporarily introduced a visual bug where the Metamorph interface will show unobtainable monsters. This will be fixed in a follow-up hotfix

This smell so much like you have not fixed a bug, but instead just made unnamed monster components invisible to players, but still in the interface etc.

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Thanks all beta testers for your efforts, time, and prompt report on Reddit. Hats off to those who have had forced restarted their rig, multiple times
When hunting the Conquerors of the Atlas it will now always (instead of being chance-based) spawn them in Maps of that Region as long as you are running different Maps within that Region. This means you are now required to run three different Maps within a Region they are inhabiting, instead of an average of ten Maps (33% chance). Once you have defeated the final Conqueror it returns to chance-based spawning as you now have the highest tiers of maps unlocked. We will be making more changes to this which will allow you to repeatedly run the same map (instead of forcing different ones) later.

which one is the final conqueror ?

is the 16th or 32nd one ?

coz i done killed 16 and still chance based
I just ran 6 different yellow-tier maps in a row under the same influence and Conqueror did not spawn.
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it still doesnt work. i created a new hideout, played for ~40mins on a non-map character. the hideout definitely had its time to reset. yet, nada.

sorry, but maybe do a full realm restart to finally fix this. current Atlas mechanic (randomness, no player agency, forced grind of low levels to the point of insanity) is a disaster that is going to bite you in your wallets VERY SOON. streamers are already there and they dont seem to like it AT ALL
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