[3.9] League Start! Purifying Flame Miner! Nuke EVERYTHING, LL and HP builds Available!

Mines are king of single target DPS for years
jim_Bonks wrote:
H4RM4G3DD0N wrote:
jim_Bonks wrote:
What are the Pro's and Con's of going with the Marauder set up?

- Life based, easier for league start
- More life regen, perma endurance charges
- Lots of options to drop DPS for more life if needed
- Less Physical damage taken bc of Tasalio, Cleansing Water

- Less damage
- Way less AOE (Not a huge deal)
- Less mine throwing speed
- No option for low-life
- No Shock/Ignite Immunity

the builds each have their own perks, it depends on the style of play you prefer. for SSF It might be easier to go chieftain bc life based is easier to gear and less reliant on uniques.

Thanks for the breakdown. I know in the past sometimes mines were not the best for single target boss killing.. How does that look this time around?

I tested on Standard with moderate gear Purifying Flame Mines, and i destroyed shaper with a lvl17 PF, and 2 breaches with a level 3 PF. Uber Elder wasnt too bad either, and I was NOT min-maxed. I dont know how it will be with 3.9, but I dont foresee any problems.
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Currently destroying everything. Build is amazing, no complaints yet, hope everyone else is having fun with it <3
Thoughts on going Alira instead of Kill All? Seems like all 3 mods are useful
zz9za wrote:
Thoughts on going Alira instead of Kill All? Seems like all 3 mods are useful

Bad idea, the 2 points you get can do more for you on the passive tree than alira can do for you.
New Gif uploaded to post! 5x Unique Metamorph Boss 1 sec instakill <3
When do you start using mines as a marauder?
One doubt about the ascendancy, Demolitions Specialist is better than Born in the Shadows? I dont get the benefit of the aura increased and feel I need some more "defence layers"

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