[3.22] Frostbolt/Ice Nova Hierophant | 45m DPS | All Content

every league i come back to this thread with some hope. Was never able to fully play a league after this one got nerfed, loved the build too much. Maybe these crucible trees might pump this build viability
I'll be starting this build this league with the full knowledge that it is NOT a good build. The Arcane Surge buffs are actually quite strong (especially for getting early cast speed, which was a problem before), but the aura restrictions in the current state of PoE make this build, which never even had extreme damage, lackluster. Hopefully the leaked crucible tree data is incomplete and we get an actual Ice Nova skill node and not one that's really Glacial Cascade. A bunch of the regular skill tree nodes are still quite powerful for this build.

All that said, it's my favorite build of all time and I'm still going to do my best to have fun with it.
it's my favorite build of all time


Did it this league as my second build and it still slaps, but personally I recommend going inquisitor with a 1h + shield instead of pledge. In sentinel I started with it and it works fine as a league starter, but nothing mind-blowing. You can start by buying Reverberation Rod and put your ice nova in there, not many people use them, they should appear on trade rather quickly and for cheap.
I found this guide looking for more people running Ice Spear hierophant just to see if others were doing something I didnt think of. I figured id add my league experience with it for anyone considering.

With only 5L armor and weapon this build smacked sirus, elder, shaper, uber elder, and the exarch bosses no problem.

Its squishy in mapping but i do maps + map bosses with freezing pulse gem in and when I do bossing i swap to ice spear.


Is my POB. I have moved past "Cheap" in a way but havent spent much.

Looking forward to min maxing this, for additional reference I do not have pre red map information. I ran RF all the way to reds, spammed maps and saved up 5 div then made the swap.

Feel free to message in game if you see me online and have questions I may be able to help IGN @Kevvvvvvvv
I'll be playing this build again in 3.22, here's the endgame PoB: https://pobb.in/q_GcxXqw81BU
First, thanks for all the work you put into this

I've played this before, but never really took it very far...

I think I want to try it this league as I love the freezing, and it *seems* like the changes we've had lately will make this pretty strong.

Do you have any plans on updating the leveling guide at all?
Nothing detailed unfortunately, but I usually level with Purifying Flame / Holy Flame Totem for early game. Good supports for both are Added Fire, Added Lightning, Phys to Lightning. Probably swap to the Frostbolt / Ice Nova build around Act 6.
I've updated my post with a video update and a revamped PoB with multiple progression levels. Hope you guys will find it helpful.
Thank you!
I missed this build. Will probably give it a go again next league. Hopefully it doesn't get nuked again lol

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