Development Manifesto: Balance in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

Maximum QQ in here. The only one im mystified about is multimod nerf but eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
NiCEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THX GGGGG thsi orb of storm shit and and minions
saragart wrote:
Make it slower, make it harder, nerf, nerf, nerf... that's all I hear since exilecon.

And these nerfs\buffs to monsters aren't *nearly* enough to make the game harder. Not even close.
Especially with the amount of fresh, brand-new powerspike that's coming with the 4 new influence-items.
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Think about it before asking...

"Does multimod with 3 mods INCLUDE the mod itself?"


The idea is to get rid of the 1 billion horrible reddit post about 2 stat items that are multimodded and supposed to be "impressive".

Crafters should rejoice as their skill and knowledge will FINALLY be rewarded, far gone are the days where you could alt spam into 2 stats and make a "godly weapon" with multimod and 3 crafted mods.

Now, it's 3 mods minimum + multi + 2.

3 Mods STILL allow you to alt spam + regal, but you need to hit a regal, you can't just annul the bad mod and go on.

This is crafting, just like before annuls.

Crafters didn't die for this, crafters are about to have a gooooood time.
oops failquote
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RIP Orb of storm speedrunners. Tyty were ahead of this, and has been practicing leveling without this meta.
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I'll still play necro. You can't stop me ;-;
Stoked on some of these huge changes.

I've really disliked how powerful point blank was whenever I played a bow character, felt very counter-intuitive. Glad for the change, now it's an actual playstyle choice instead of 'duh it's another link compared to long-shot'.

For the shaper / elder change, curious if it means the 7th link will still be a mod, but it won't have extra %phys damage, or the extra link is gone altogether.

And of course the MM nerf. It's well deserved, and here's hoping the 'can have up to 3 crafted modifiers' takes a slot itself. I've always found it pretty strange in an ARPG about loot and rng, to have a 'hey make a better weapon then anything else if you've got a couple exalts' option.
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