0.10.3c Patch Notes

I just started to try party levelling with the idea that I dont care about my loots, even the unique ones, and I feel that I need to learn. But I cant think what can be my deception if I see that exalted that I have dont see with my last 3 characters or that 6L that I have never see in my stash... if those ubber loots where grab instantly by other people.

I know that I like the option "Most damage loot" in other games and I think that is the only way for me to play at least end game maps with party. Last hit kill monster is less effective to me.

So, my feeling is that more options to create party are needed. Hope that GGG can give more option to party an keep th game spirit with.

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Just had an exalt ninja'd. Fuck you and fuck your game. It doesn't take a brilliant fucking game designer to understand that items past a certain rarity threshhold will cause player agony if not received by their intended dropper. Create a permanent drop lock on the top 3-5 currency orbs in the game and all uniques at any level. They shouldn't be subject to some half-baked, wanna-be hardcore loot system where the developers smile and shrug their shoulders when players begin to hate them for their BY DESIGN fuckery. Fix it before it fucks you. It already fucked me.
please make each player his own visible loot, it solve all loot problems!
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