0.10.3c Patch Notes

AchillesX wrote:
The current FFA system is fine, I would also give option to the game creator to "items lock to name", and "all maps drops lock to map creator", the loot system would be perfect.

IGN: AlCohonez, GhengizCohen
So, when are we going to, at least, get back the names under the loot?
This system is breaking any possible gentlemen agreement.
Dry humping loot is still an issue and will be until they introduce something that players can not collide or be blocked off by each other. (I understand I could lead parties and actively kick humpers/not play with them. I would rather the loot structure be changed slightly so they give a "loot radius" larger then player collision)

I honestly can't say if I would enjoy this game as much if they removed player collision. Because I play ranged chars and melee, so it is also rewarding the people most likely to die (closest to the loot)to grab their loot instantly and most often get the 5l /6s blues whites. When I get on my ranged character I find that 3 people loot hump every drop and people can not get their loot even if they wanted to.

At that point, you may as well take all the timers and loot allocation away because people physically block each other for a chance at a "quick click" delayed loot.

I am not sure if that is the way GGG preceves their loot system when they wanted players to feel as though they are also "battling" each other for loot. But come on, there is no battle when you can not even get loot allocated to you the moment it drops (as a range) with people blocking each other.

This is totally different then players letting item timers expire.
i suppose my 2 cents is to possibly have an emergency slot than can only be taken by an item of magic quality and up. that way it lets you say "oh crap when did i pick up that white?" and drop it on the floor, rather than click it only to have it fly in the air and be free loot for the dry-humpers
Drop system is really ok, but just WHY would you make single drop on quests? I went into a party to do the same quests with a friend. When we did a few of them, I couldn't complete some and he couldn't either, because the bosses were giving just 1 quest item. Just wanted to know if you'll ever change that.

Btw, I'm in love with this game! :D ahaha
Please, GGG, make labyrinth runs optional. (Yea, I hate it so much that it's even in my signature.)
Well now that i know the stance on looting and understand it I see why I have to solo all the time now or be stuck without getting loot. I don't want to have to stress out constantly about having other players steal my loot and I don't know anyone on this game and as such if I want to team I am stuck with pubs. This means this has effectively become a single player game for me and all my progression and loot I get has been solo. It kind of sucks because I want to play with people AND get loot. Being at a range as a witch and not willing to run up in the face of the mobs because its hc kind of screws that over though.

I suggest an option to create teams with allocated loot, that way players that want ffa loot can have it and people like me can have allocated loot. I don't expect it to happen though and I will probably quit a lot sooner now since the game wont remain interesting for as long since I can't really group with people.
Just make allocated items appear only for allocated person.. No more drama..
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A party option would be great.

Regardless, I think allocated items should drop at the feet of the player to which it belongs. Also, allocating all 5L and 6L items regardless of rarity would be nice.
sorry for my english.

I know it s maybe late to suggest something or that has been suggested already but I would like give my feedback concerning the loot system.

PoE have a really good drop system (I like the fact that nothing is farmable even it is a little bit, the RNG is pretty awesome) but the loot.... system is really not a success so far.

without changing the whole gameplay and the whole concept of PoE about loot system.

Make allocated items visible to allocated people... prevent Partyninja to stand and stop fighthing whenever a "good stuff" drop... that broke whole game experience.

5L / 6L should be allocated as well... because it's kind of pretty rare maybe as rare as the unique are...

that should be pretty similar to others idea but I got another idea...
similar to the levelup gems popup (right side) why not put a "allocated list" of items (hide the items on the floor) and by a simple left click / right click TAKE IT or LEAVE IT (make it visible to everyone) I really feel that will prevent a lot of trouble during party.

I know some people may say "choose your teamate" well hard to make a choice when there is so few party public, and most of them are a bunch of ninjalooter who just care about their own life... (sorry but it s sad truth), I did get some great party, with exalted dropping and people not ninjaing... but... it's even more rare than the kaoms armor...dropping 6 times in a row...

Dear GGG team please makes this game better than it is already and revise this loot system...
My suggestions to improve:

1. Slightly increase pick-up radius for person an item is allocated to, just for that item. When other players camp on your item, even if you get there in plenty of time, sometimes there's collision and you're barely out of range and they ninja it. Very hard to tell if you're being blocked when there's tons of item names on the screen covering up the players. Could also make increased pick-up radius an item prefix/affix (not what I would prefer though. I'd accept combining it with light radius).

2. Enable filtering out the plain white items. When lots of blue packs pop, or map bosses pop, the clutter is pretty ridiculous. By filtering out the white items, you'd risk not getting things with 6 sockets, 5/6-linked, etc. Could be implemented with a button by health globe (like little chat button) or allow player to assign a key through options.

3. Loot options for partys. Map to maker, etc. (i'm sure this topic is being beaten to death)

I think those are fairly easy things to implement and don't change the games loot mechanics much (less testing time!) and preserve the "loot tension"
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