Metamorph Supporter Packs Are Available Now!

Grand Sanctum looks great. Instant buy!
Grand Sanctum really looks good
Really love how the Grand Sanctum look, wish I could afford it but not this time of the year. :)
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Normally I barely hype for the supporter packs but I'm not gonna lie, Grand Sanctum Wings look perfect.

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Both are really nice!
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Well done as always. Great looking stuff for both the subdued and flashy camps. :D
v nice!

Very nice indeed!
Grand Sanctum is mine, a pleasure to support you.
If there is a matching crusader helmet planned... TAKE MY MONEY!!! ;)

Btw. I suggest a bonus check for the sound guys. The soundtrack is simply amazing!
Grand Sanctum looks absolutely epic. Damnation on the other hand - set looks good, but character effect looks very blurred and clunky and it should be really epic to compensate for not having wings.

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