Metamorph Supporter Packs Are Available Now!


The points included in all supporter packs are free.

=))) im gonna stop right here :) thnx for that =)))))))))
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They look great, but I don't understand people's desire for wings in this game. They literally make no sense and make exiles look like ... angels/demons/random birds ? I think I'm just missing something.
Might be unrelated in this thread, but how do you swap between icons or text for your supporter titles? Just bought the Grand Sanctum one and wasn't sure.
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The Damnation one is so dope! Thanks GGG for the nice cosmetics :D!
My body is ready.
Sanctum looks really nice :o
Will this weird looking part of the armour be fixed? It Looks like the character is pregnant, even on male character models.

Other than that the set looks really nice.

When does the PS4 get these?
Do purchases of metamorph packs count towards the bigger packs about to be released?

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