3.8.2c Patch Notes

from what ive seen the armour sets looks super nice this league cant wait

badass looking armour is my favourite
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Time to break my bank
2gb for supporter packs?
Last edited by Nicklahh on Nov 28, 2019, 1:15:52 AM
Is there a reason the MTX need a 2GB patch? That seems a little excessive.
3.3gb for steam patch LUL
Such a large patch for supporter packs. Great, guess I'll have to wait an hour to play D:
Combat is simple.
Keep your blood in.
Take theirs out.
1 h steam download for some suporter packs lmao.......
3GB? looks like by the way devs are "fixing" something. Maybe blighted maps drop rate which is definitely too high. Enough 1 map a week ;) And of course strong builds need to be nerfed quickly as always.
3.3 GB for two supporter packs seems a bit off.

Are you hiding something from us? :D
3.3 GB for 2 cosmetic sets...?

I think GGG might be hiding something BIGHMM

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