Support Gem Plus Preview

That spell echo double damage is kinda crazy. :o
I guess it's time to make a build to abuse it.
Do they stack with the non-plus version of the gem?
Okay, but where are the chaos supports? Efficacy Plus, Swift Affliction Plus, Controlled Destruction Plus, etc.
Creator of the Praxis ring.
Want to stop power creep? Gut crit chance and crit multi.
Restryouis wrote:
What will happen with:
Spell Cascade Plus + Desecrate?

Corpses from the last two cascades stay. You can see it already with the normal spell cascade where the first 5 corpses are desummoned because of the corpse limit.

From all the possible power creep this is pretty much as braindead as it gets, even if they are super rare.
maybe i'll bother to upgrade my ele hit char from this league with plus gems to see if i can one shot phase uber elder. 2-3 hits in 3.8 is definitely too weak.

HeliaXDemoN wrote:
At one point in the future you will click the mouse one time in a map and you will clean the entire map without even move.

i remember a video where someone used the the elementalist beacon of ruin node (before the recent nerf) to clear almost an entire dunes map in one shot (over 900 monsters). the only issue was that he needed to keep up with the elemental proliferation. can't find it anymore though.
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Not sure if adding one extra swing ,which locks you longer in place for full potential, to Multistrike is the way to go.
finally something gudddd
So hype to use those gem
G.G.G. is AwEsOmE

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