Support Gem Plus Preview

Does not matter, gonna be so rare most people wont have them, waste of development time.
Frost bomb as viable damage skill ??? Celestial mtx for it when btw
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
So spell cascade+ wonder how it will go with ice/fire storm
I guess in bow league GMP+ will be 100ex.
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icovex wrote:
mic01851165 wrote:

I strongly disagree with you too.
All these new gems do is more numbers on an already super easy game which many builds are doing 10 shaper dps per second.

There's no tradeoff to be made here, just a straight powercreep that doesn't change the gameplay in any way other than making an already easy game easier.

This update is EXACTLY like how D3 gone wrong by making the set armour bonuses ridiculous and make your characters doing 100~200 BILLION damage just so you can climb Greater Rift alittle higher. It add NOTHING to the game.

First of all, GGG announced, that they are increasing again the mobs health/defences and etc.

Second, you do not know, what will be the next bosses, what stats they will have, but i expect, that they will be even stronger than Elder stats.

So we expect, that the average damage will be decreased.

To compensate that, they are adding new items with new items mods, jewelry with more defenses, and to add some power in the game - support gems plus.

Game is too easy for metabuild, where people are not roleplaying mostly, but just gathering a one skill game, and than annoying that everything is too easy.

Yeah you prove my point again.

GGG increases the life of mobs = Greater Rift of D3 scale the monsters hp so ridiculously you need those 5000% damage bonus from set armour.

Yes, it add NOTHING to the game. All it does is polarize the casual and veterans.
I don’t understand this at all. It makes absolutely zero sense.
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adddemon wrote:
Does not matter, gonna be so rare most people wont have them, waste of development time.

Something like this literally probably takes a few minutes to write each gem. The artwork is basically there and all they have to do is reprogram a few lines of code.
plus hype
Some of those get like 25% more multiplier while others get 10%. Whats up with that?
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