Atlas Changes in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

Thoroughly enjoying these changes, they seem to go in the right direction for me. An atlas change was much needed and I'm really happy how you guys are always communicating about massives changes like this quite a while before making the actual change ingame, so that everybody knows what to expect.
That's top notch PR as far as I'm concerned.
Can you guys make gems auto level up in 4.0, like on the console versions?
My livestream -
Looking forward to it.
Caulder10 wrote:
What about shaper and elder scarabs, since they currently only work on maps with shaper/elder influence?

Good question hope they answer it !
Little sad that they did stick with locking shaper and uber elder behind zana missions but I think it will be okay for the top 1% to still do them. Just not at the speed they were doing them before (9 maps for uber elder lol)
It all looks very cool and interesting I'm sure it will make for some great atlas strategies and a lot more maps being run the fact that you can move the high tier maps to any maps on the atlas when you gather the 8 stones is absolutely awesome and adds a ton of variety to the game I cant give enough praise for the premise here

Questions :

Will Zana still be a npc in our hideout

Will Zana still give us mods we can pay to add to our maps IE my personal favorite : Harbinger

if we choose to farm a specific to 14-16 map is it possible to not have any others of the same tier or 1 tier higher completed to sustain that map or is that dead

will all the stones be able to drop for fighting and defeating the same new endgame boss or does each boss drop a specific stone

Is it possible to change the tier or difficulty of the new bosses similar to how it was with Elder on low/medium/high tiers

Will the drop rats of any of the shaper/elder uniques change to compensate for the increased rarity of the encounter

also If shaper and Elder are rare and only have a chance to drop a fragment and you need what we assume is 4 in total does that make it possible to potentially drop the same fragment 5 times in a row?

the last question may be a big potential issue as the guardians will presumably only spawn on tier 14+ maps that has a Zana which would only be possible if you weren't using one of the other masters on then youd need to get all 4 of the guardians [25% chance each] then youd need to use them to beat the shaper which only has a chance to drop a fragment which you may need multiple of then you need to do the same thing for the elder guardians then you have to fight the elder to have a chance to drop his fragment then you have to combine both fragments to fight the uber elder and after defeating that fight you then only have a very small chance of dropping some of the rare items and thats assuming you dont rip in any of these fights the Zana mods on these maps could be potentially devastating and cant be re rolled

what if you are playing a elemental build and you happen to get a ele reflect map on the zana map of the last guardian you needed to face shaper to get a frag to add to your elder frag to fight uber elder to potentially drop something good

Auxion wrote:
Sounds good, still confused about every map on the atlas being T14-16 does this mean no more T3 map drops while running T16? Every map drop will be a minimum of T14?

at least for how it would work in the current system;
you just dont drop the low tier maps anymore.
which does not mean that it will drop a t14 instead.

so expect the forum to be 50% about redtier sustain problems by mid-december :D
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- Will we have 3~4 versions of each map now?
- The rules for maps drops will stay the same?
- The increase in tiers will be T1->T5->T9->T14? Or T1->T6->T11->T14?
I assume this will work fine with the recent Forsaken Masters rework in regards to saving encounters for maps by respective tier?
PoE players: Our game has a wide diversity of builds.

Also PoE players: The [league mechanic] doesn't need to be nerfed, you just need to play a [current meta] build!

Betrayal was the best league we had since Legacy. The reward agency is something this game needs, and will be sorely missed.
RIP Watchers Eye farming. Other than that, interesting changes

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