Atlas Changes in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

In Standard league where many players have a big pool of maps already, how will the map stash tab convert these maps to 3.9 versions? Will they even be able to be converted at all?
RNG engage wow so good
Watcher's Eye..... we had a good one, gonna miss you
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Very neat. Excited to play.
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MogwaiOfEvil wrote:
So what happens when you start up an new character and get to the atlas which you've boosted to T14s? Can we unsocket them to lower them?

yea, the post says you can unsocket them as you like...
Super hyped!

Supporter Packs when?
Sounds good, still confused about every map on the atlas being T14-16 does this mean no more T3 map drops while running T16? Every map drop will be a minimum of T14?
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Caulder10 wrote:
What about shaper and elder scarabs, since they currently only work on maps with shaper/elder influence?

they turn your map into shaper/elder influenced. it says so in the post.
Can you confirm or deny a little story detail for me?

I'm interpreting the new atlas story as having the conquerors be random characters unrelated to the 7 playable exiles, instead being entirely separate characters that Zana recruited before the plot of Path of Exile takes place.

This replaces the storyline where we fight the Shaper and Elder, with those characters also being part of the new background lore.

This all means that the "plot" has been retconned such that the seven playable exiles never fought the Elder or Shaper, with the new access essentially being windows into the past.

Other people, however, maintain that the Conquerors are somehow related to the playable exiles beyond us having played through the story they now belong to.

Can you clear up which is true? Are these Conquerors entirely new characters, or are they intended to line up with existing exiles?
I don’t understand how map tiers work now.
If we can improve the tier of the map from 1 to 16, then it turns out that we will have every map of each tier. How it will work with map stash tab? With trade?

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