Atlas Changes in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

..well basiclly GGG doesn't make the game something bad, because were talking about business here. May be they want us to give something new more than shaper and elder could give. Lets wait and find out! Eventhough i really sad about them. If the guardian map can only spawn on zana missions then pls dont make it too much difficult mode like t16 synthesis map, if its not apply on bosses like elder guardians then its fine.
Can't wait!!!!
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Ygidua wrote:
Imaginaerum wrote:
elbowfrag wrote:
Guardian and Shaper changes are awful... because you people are going to make them really rare. I'm a casual player on standard, I just started doing them a few months ago.

Who at GGG thought taking out end-game content was a good idea?

It isn't. It is stupid.

BTW.. the whole 2 campaigns and one game with the removal of 6-linking items is stupid. It is going to go down as the biggest mistake since SW:Galaxies new game experience.

RPG gamers take pride in their items. This just makes stuff generic. It is the World of Warcraft approach to gaming. Give everyone a trophy now, why don't you.

man you are really telling the entire world you didn't pay any attention at all, aren't you? also why do casual players think they deserve to reach end game?


without the casual gamers, there would be no gaming. A few hundred nerds, can not finance video games anymore. The days when a game did cost 1000 bucks are long gone, today we are talking millions.

He didn't say that, he said "why do casuals players think they deserve to reach end game?" What is true, because the man said that he just started doing guardians months ago, so what? do we "casualise" the endame to fit his playtime? The devs said they want to make the game more challenging so i don't think their goal is to please the casual playerbase.
never again 40/40 uberelder Endgame grinds :D mh what comes instead ?? :D
Gondalen wrote:
never again 40/40 uberelder Endgame grinds :D mh what comes instead ?? :D

The boss who will take the Uber elder's place i guess
these changes has to be worth it..i do like my maps

Damn, thats a shitty way to gate content behind levels upon levels of cluster-**** rng. Sorry GGG thats a shitty change to make Shaper and Uber-Elder that much harder to farm
I'm not excited about the changes as well.

Targeted farming was one of the best things in the game, being able to farm the one map you enjoy for the one thing you need.

You've seriously screwed over ssf players.
I Will say these atlas changes are going to be the biggest qol improvement in this league. I'd say it's as good as the master revamp we just got. Finally, the noob trap shaped maps are gone. We also can FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER farm whatever the fk we want on the atlas, along with more incentive than ever before to actually run unique maps! I'm hoping they have a good way to target farm an area specifically, but I personally will enjoy the variety of running any maps randomly.
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I hope you are not going to reset goals for unique maps , and it would be really nice of you not to reset goals for tier 16 maps , it's a big deal for me to complete any of them and it's heartbreaking after every expansion to see that I have to do them all over again .

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