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OK GUYS, the 4.0 is insane! YOU WIN :D
Love the ambient style, the new items style is amazing!
Thank you for another masterpiece!
yakamonooni wrote:
Was there any info on will be owned mtx (stashes) transferred to poe2 or do we need to buy them again?

MTXs will be transferrable between versions. What I want to know is, what about stash tabs and character slots? ='[.]'=
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NoIguanaForZ wrote:
cgexile wrote:
NoIguanaForZ wrote:
Does this mean Shaper and Elder/Uber Elder are gone? :/

no I think they are tied to campaign 1

there will be 2 campaigns

New Atlas stuff is 3.9/December, not POE 2.

yeah I think you're right it's a new ending/story

edit: Chris just said you will get shaper set/access elder via zana who will give you shaper/elder maps
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Holy shit I love you guys!
Putting the not even released Diablo 4 to shame already! Hahaha
Looks freaking amazing, except dunno about the new socketing stuff. Did jeweller orbs get removed from the game!?!?and chromatics? :(
Well... You've done it. You've actually done it.


After not playing for actual years, I'll be returning to the game, I hope soon and if not, for PoE 2 FOR SURE.

I take my hat off to you, GGG. This is sick. Marvelous and sick.
wow !! those new graphics !!!
ho li fuk
neph7 wrote:
... honestly i'm out of words.

Ditto and I have only watched 1 trailer.
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4.0 looks awesome. I'm really happy with what I've heard/seen so far
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Amazing stuff!
4.0 looks awesome but I'm really disappointed by what they did with some items like Tabula : 3 white sockets is not the same at all . They really should add an affix that allows 6 links (5 now ?) to the socketed skill gems to makes it work as now.

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