Remembering the Past

Good times :). And yes, pleas bring back the original globe girls.
Ah, nice trip down memory lane. Good luck with ExileCon! Hoping for the best to come.
Old school POE!

Super hyped for Exilecon. But that last min news on no cash for merch store was a real dampener.
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Hyped for Exilecon. Wish I could make it.
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I joined at around the 3rd screenshot because I don't remember the potion art in that second one so it must have been from the 3rd one on, heh.
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Ah the good old days
2 more days
<3 B R E A C H <3
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hmmm could this be some sort of "teasing"/hint?
Turning players into payers. Anti NPC-Echo chamber.

"I never say anything to provoke, but I do provoke to say something."

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Nice feels good looking back on the past of this amazing game, but please bring back old Cast on crit or one of the earlier wormblasters.

aaah i feel old
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