Remembering the Past

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You literally forgot to add crazy lag caused by old discharge.
and also monsters instant spawning upon opening strongboxes.
Sharper: "another noob exile"
Me:"allahu akbaaaar!!!"
Sharper:"fuck i am screwed"
This got me thinking... If these screenshots is "Remembering the Past", does that mean Izaro will soon be in the past? New lab boss? New lab?
Bring back endless ledge!!
Remember waiting for act 2 release and graphic problem with first map there(shadows or something?)hehehe...?
i miss the globe girls :C
good old times, has been a amazing ride so far.

thank you, ggg, for the entertainment.

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
Hi there,

Im in POE from closed beta. I have played POE all the time lets say every other league. I liked the game more back in the days. Obviously many problems have been solved and polished. But the whole experience is getting worse and worse for me. Several last leagues I didnt even log in. The gameplay is too easy and fast. There are some things I just cannot overcome and those suck the fun out of the game for me.

First and foremost I really dont have the time of teenager now and I just simply cannot justify farming to even enter challanging content. I dont get this concept at all. Why cannot I enter all the maps for free? Why am I not limited by the difficulty itself and more severe death penalty? Today Im only limited by accesability. I am not going to farm hundereds of maps where I one shot screens to be able to play something challanging for a few minutes then. I just pass. Back in the days maps were something I almost feared. Last playthrough I didnt even bother with resistances and spammed transmuted and alched maps. I always put in the highest map I had. Ended up around T10 where I got bored to death and quit. No challange at all. Not a single tough fight.

And there are so many nice and awesome creatures and monsters and stuff. So many tiny mechanisms - one are resurecting, others are charging or exploding or whatever. But it all has no point where your character hardly recognizes anything in the colorful spam of screen shotting skills. I dont rly care if I killed undeads or beasts. I hardly recognize any difference.

POE is (was) a great game. One of the best. The characters and skills and everything are so well designed. The items and currency are so well designed. The world and lore is awesome. But the content your character deals with is so poor today. Endless millions of meaningless groups of something - something you dont even have chance to describe before it dies to your super meta clearspeed build. Everytime I decide to give POE one more chance I realize the game is easier again, faster again and I get almost no challange/reward for the first 85 levels I endure to play.

If I only could enter some difficult area with desired reward without spending 100 hours of pointless and repetitive grind.

Not to mention that if you want to play the game properly you need 3rd side programs - but hey, its optional and I can overcome this - for otherwise such good game.

So Im really looking for 4.0 - if it slows things down, bring back meaning to our enemis (not only several endgame bosses), meaning to the rewards (not in form of a screen filled with useless garbage) and some kind of challange (I dont consider todays challanges like grind 1000 times lab or sth as a challange).

Good times :). And yes, pleas bring back the original globe girls.

GGG, "You're making me nervous". These pics are desyncing me meaning they are nice to see but at the same time make me long for the good old days (minus desync) when playing PoE was a challenge because it was a real arpg and not this shooter/racer clusterfuck mess we have today. For 4.0 please bring back that play style.
"You've got to grind, grind, grind at that grindstone..."
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:

yeah yeah GGG

remember those days where the game RUNS SMOOTHLY on my laptop??

yeah GGG

those were good days

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