ExileCon Merchandise

Nice I hope I get a chance to get a hoodie. My Hearthstone one is starting to get worn out and I could use a new one for my new favorite game.
I NEED an albino rhoa plushie... that thing's awesome!
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This forum is a worse place without Charan.
Plushie Sandspitter, Spacecat socks, and Stressball are legit swag.

One of the patch pics I mistook as a a coaster set, I've never been much on patches but I'd def have been in on some coasters... ah well lol!
Do you plan to make an open sale of these things?
steamcommunity.com/groups/PoEDonator - 500$ donators club
youtu.be/SEmX9wb8H88 - mirror of Kalandra
youtu.be/SwPJNMsvLdw - headhunter
youtu.be/PkkO3PO0Y_8 - legacy Kaom
One of everything please :) the only thing else I would love is somethinng for my monitor or desk at work :(
The Templar kills for Faith - The Shadow kills for Money - The Duelist kills for Fame -
The Marauder kills for Pride - The Ranger kills for Survival - The Scion kills for Attention (Emo much?) ...
and the witch...
She kills for Revenge ... tbc
This is the kind of stuff that you dudes shouldn't broadcast because now bitter blokes like myself who have been long time supporters are all butthurt that this is exclusive only to ExileCon patrons because they could afford to travel to NZ. We've all been begging for more physical merch that's not connected to a support pack, this wasn't the way to go about delivering.
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dammit, somebody pick me up a hoodie xxl please, I'll but ya some beers!! Cheers! Have fun!!
neeed the socks and the hoodie! really hope there will be a chance to buy that stuff online after exilecon :(

Everything looks nice ! I'm sure that a permanent goodies shop on the website would make a lot of people happy.
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Will there be limits on how many of each item Exiles can buy at ExileCon? Because I can see someone buying a whole load of stuff to sell on ebay later....

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