ExileCon Merchandise

GGG, you need an online fanshop :D
I would totally buy your POE swag.
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Sin roach clip/cigarette holder/vaporizer. Why huddle in the alley on smoke break when you can sit and fumar in style on the docks of a forsaken harbour teeming with mortal maggots? Brushed stainless steel.

Sin cigar trimmer and micro humidor. A good smoke is worth eternal damnation. Surgical-grade Solingen stainless steel "guillotine" style cigar trimmer, vacuum-sealed glass tube with hygroscopic control chamber that screws on and latches shut. Holds 1-6 cigars or a pocket pouch of pipe tobacco.

Sin pipe. By virtue of its precision tooling and double firing this ceramic multipurpose pipe lets you keep it scrupulously clean, or faithfully coated in your preferred amount of resinous deposits. Black on black.
That moment when you notice you can support skitterbots with Infernal Legion and EE
Hello Exiles, quick question:

Do we have any info whether the terminals at the merch shop will be contactless payment available or not?
Archwizard wrote:
alhazred70 wrote:
selling the left overs is a far cry from what I and others want... in any case I didn't see the text below the picture, so I guess I'm bad at reading, or you know; I missed it. There's no need to be yet another text tough guy on the internet talking to people like you never would face to face.

Actually, I'd say it to your face too. Take the time to read, it really isn't hard. You aren't done until the panel ends.

Suuuurrr you do, lol. You're just doubling down on the amusing internet tough guy act. People miss stuff, I know thats hard to believe in the world you've constructed where you are perfect but also rude and belligerent to everyone who isn't perfect.
When is POE going to gate something behind HOW GOOD YOU PLAY, HOW SMART YOUR CHOICES or HOW STRONG YOUR CHARACTER IS? why must ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING be nested RNG, gated behind how many 16 hour days you can repeat the same EASY BORING low maps?
Last edited by alhazred70 on Nov 15, 2019, 8:03:33 PM

(pls i want them, i need them, my dad needs them, my mom needs them, my brother needs them! I WANT 10!!!!)
Online merchandise shop or riot!
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torturo: "Though, I'm really concerned, knowing by practice the capabilities of the balance team."
top2000: "let me bend your rear for a moment exile"
Are there any leftovers? I want that sick kitava t-shirt <3 Getting ready to riot!

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