ExileCon Schedule and Information for Attendees

Caulder10 wrote:
so.. 300 (250 players + 50 GGG Staff) people in a venue that holds 40 people?

seems legit.

Devs will bring MTX Stash tabs for more room, no worries.
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rassiter18 wrote:
Will I be able to bring a backpack into the event?

Yes :)
been in auckland over 6 times now, only once saw a one guy in a poe shirt but sadly too far away to talk to.
now i miss the event where the town is flooded with exiles. sad.

Ok, now. This is information for ExileCon Attendees. What about the information for NON-Attendees?

Like me for instance, and all the rest as me. What kind of things can we expect?
Can and will I be able to buy exclusive things from an Online Shop?
Will I be able to participate in Online Events during the ExileCon, where there may be a fair chance to get hold of some very Exclusive and rare MTX or something?
Will there be exclusive items to purchase for me and/or find ingame during the ExileCon ONLY?
Will there be exclusive Supporter Packs, Item Bundles/Packages for me to purchase Exclusively Online ONLY during this ExileCon Event?

Things like this and other things keeps popping up with me.
Great ExileCon this year!!

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