ExileCon Schedule and Information for Attendees

Natalia_GGG wrote:
Will there be videos of the non-streamed panels later?

Yes, we'll be posting developer talks and videos of other panels in our upcoming news over time, after the convention.

Awesome, thanks
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Ty for scam <3
so.. 300 (250 players + 50 GGG Staff) people in a venue that holds 40 people?

seems legit.
Very cool schedule, but almost a little sad to miss stuff like the live Baeclast while being at the panels. Will for sure be cool to see the streamer bunch being hyped & live together for the first time.
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Innomen wrote:
It's typical of GGG's attitude that they'd put this thing in their front yard for their convenience with no thought given to players beyond the best way to accomplish their business goals.

If they actually cared about their community they'd plot their player ips geographically and host it in the their center of mass to make it the shortest trip for the largest number of players. Who can more easily afford the logistics? The 500 billion chinese megacorp? Or the average gamer?

But I guess this is what gamers want, to be exploited at every turn. Especially this base. I mean GGG charges for the option to turn off an effect, and no one cares. /smh

Actually Chris put up a post ages ago saying that they had put a lot of thought in to it, and ultimatly decided they could spend loads more on the event rather spending loads on their own travel costs. Seems like a good enough reason to me..
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Whay too many Are-Gee-Bees (:
Hyped for the Toucon
Will I be able to bring a backpack into the event?
I wish I could be at ExileCon!!
$10000 wow! Way to go!

Hope someday in the future I can join the ExileCon event, this seems so exciting!
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I hope I do not expect too much!

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