Fan Art Competition Winners

These are all so incredible! Great work everyone!
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Happy to be back finally since Closed Beta for Path of Exile!
Great Work Winners, Runners up! and other fellow contestants!
Thank you GGG!
and thank you community!
much love
If you did the art just to "win" something and now complaining for not winning, you deserve not to win.

Gz to all the winners.
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Good work
i posted a comment on this section, and now i can't see it? :(
went back to art contest, also seems the post was deleted?
please, cheapen the wing prices !
Some very nice work. I said it in the preview thread, I like that Aul. Also ZakkPerish's submission is very nice.
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It must have been hard to select winners. There is so mush talent !
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Dang I put so much effort into my pic.. Good thing I was drawing it for my self and not to win or place.. Thou I won't lie, it never feels good to lose! Grats to all the winners, you guys earned it!
Honestly: All of it is amazing!

Good job to all!

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