Fan Art Competition Winners

@GGG thank you for choosing this submission as a runner-up. It serves as a fitting tribute to Charan. ♥

Just a lowly standard player, often found in global 2.

Current IGN: _A_Nameless_Ghoul_ or The_Harpy
so many good submissions! Congratz to the winners and I'll be sure to try even harder next time ;)
Joe Duncan's work is hilarious and great, as usual. Love it. Only problem is the templar's neck needs to be longer
The rewards for "Runners-Up" are just ridiculous.
You do not value your community.
Disgusting attitude on your part.
These people deserve more.

Just 1 Helmet Effect? Are you fcn srsly?!
personally loved souse3 art looked amazing and very creative
after second a look kanterbows is amazing also
Who the hell judge this competition? 3rd 4th and 5th aren't as good as some other art I've seen in lower ranks...

Leonagard wrote:
So many better art than those top 3 winners... anyway... the jury is has the power of choice... so really better work on 10th place and lower...

Totally agree!!
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what's wrong with my drawings? :(
not even placed with the runners-up

ArturVilela wrote:
This is standard procedure by now... But once again... Not even placed with the runners-up... Was this intentional? Again??? Starting to feel less and less motivated to participate in these events... ¬¬

My entry:

I was sure that this work will be in the top ten at least
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Congrats to all the winners! So much talent on display here.
For those who didn’t make it, don’t give up and try again next time.I wish GGG would post all the entries in a thread here. At the very least people who took time and effort to submit deserve to be seen by the community.
Guys, galls, please... relax. They barely placed signed work from DD art director in top 10. And since I was placed no more than 8 spots below him by the authority of GGG jury, I shall now be referred to as Supreme Grandmaster Razis and you will accept my word without question.
Now listen my children - if Daniel Dociu would participate he would get like 5th place maybe if he got lucky on his best day. The competition was real fierce, you would have to pull off some deicide shit to compete.

Do not despair, and keep it up.

Besides they said they will give out more hats later so don't worry just yet.

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